Sleep + Breast Augmentation

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How Long Do I Have to Sleep on my Back After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation on February 9th 2012 400CC / silicone / under the muscle / incision around areola. No problems at all, no pain and i feel... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op to my Breast Augmentation, When Can I Start Sleeping on my Side?

My back has been really sore laying on my back all the time. I do not even get enough sleeping because of pain. And whats the purpose of sleeping on... READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Augmentation: Experiencing Pain

It's been a week now that i feel localized pain on my left breast(the pain is like a bruise). i feel the pain on the sides of my left nipple... READ MORE

Sharp Pains in Breasts when Laying Down

Hi I had a breast lift and augmentation a week ago, with 300 cc silicone implants under the muscle. My breasts feel heavy and generally sore which is... READ MORE

Breast Pain when Lying Down

I'm 3 months post-op and my breasts look and feel fine, but the outer side of my right breast hurts when lying down. It is uncomfortable and painful... READ MORE

Post Silicone Breast Augmentation: Are my Implants Being Rejected?

Post silicone breast augmentation, my sleep pattern has been shot due to being told to sleep on my back {which is like asking the elephant man to do,... READ MORE

Six Months After Breast Augmentation - Difficulty Sleeping, Feel a Sharp Pain on Both Breasts

I had my breast augmentation done on 4/2010. Since then I have not been able to sleep well. I feel a very sharp pain in both breast when sleeping.... READ MORE

Breast Implant Sliding While Lying on Back

I had a primary breast aug with 210cc silicone unders one month ago. For the first week they both stood forward while lying on my back. Then at the... READ MORE

I Am Exactly 1 Month PO, is It Ok to Sleep Without my Sports Bra at This Point? (photo)

I was a 34A before my BA. I have 360cc implants placed submuscular. My incision is in the crease and healing great! The scar is so thin and small. I... READ MORE

Sleeping on Belly After Breast Augmentation?

I am 17 days post breast augmentation(silicone implants under the muscle) and I feel great. Is it safe for me to sleep on my stomach? My only problem... READ MORE

Sleeping Upright Causing Severe Back Pain Post-Op

I had a mini tuck combined with a breast augmentation 5 days ago, and have been sleeping upright with legs elevated every night. I was told to sleep... READ MORE

Breast Swollen After Sleeping on It

I had a breast augmentation in 2008. Everything had been going great until yesterday. When I woke up, my breast was a little swollen and the muscle... READ MORE

How Do I Sleep After my BA?

I just got my BA done the other day..and I notice that while sleeping flat on my back my implants seems to get more tighter than ever...and they... READ MORE

I Had BA Using Subfascial Placement, When Can I Sleep On My Side? Or Run?

How long until I can sleep on my side? ? Also, I am curious how long I should wait until I can run long distances. Im 14 Post OP now and feel great... READ MORE

How long should you sleep elevated after breast augmentation?

I am still sleeping in my recliner, post op 13 days. I am afraid I will rollover on to my belly while sleeping or something. Just curious. READ MORE

Sleep on Stomach 16 Days After Breast Augmentation?

I am 16 days Breast augmentation post-op and everything seems to be going well. My question is, is it okay to sleep on my stomach again if I am... READ MORE

Im 3 Weeks Op and Was Wondering when Can I Start Sleeping on my Side and Start Wearing Different Bra?

After Breast Lift and Augmentation. when can i start sleeping on my side instead of propped up and start wearing diffrent bra still wearing my support... READ MORE

5 Months Post Op. Is It Okay to Be a Stomach Sleeper or Will It Make my Breasts Fall?

Hi there. I am 21 and have Polans syndrome. I have had 3 surgeries. I'm a 380cc on one and a 550cc on the other. I have heard that it could be bad... READ MORE

1 week post op of Breast Augmentation, is it not safe to sleep with a sports bra? (photos)

1 Week Post Op 475cc Silicone Unders. It has been one week post op. I am 5'2 130lbs, I have been sleeping with a sports bra and it is... READ MORE

Left breast moves to the side lying down..Normal or lateral displacement? 350 MMP Silicone Gel (Photo)

4 months PO. Left breast has always dropped faster than the right, but I noticed that when I lay down, the left moves slightly more downward than the... READ MORE

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