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Why is the Skin on my Breasts and my Nipples So Tender After my Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago. (Inframammary incision, sub glandular, silicone, 375cc) They look great and soreness is minimal but my skin... READ MORE

Extremely Sore/sensative Skin on Both Breasts Following Breast Aug

I am 2 weeks post op for a breast aug. I went with 275cc round silicone gel w dual plane. The skin on my breasts is so sore it feels like its been... READ MORE

Failure Rate for Breast Reconstruction Vs Breast Augmentation?

Hello doctors, I have read that women with radiation in the past who went for Breast Reconstruction with Breast implants have a very high risk of... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Remove Axillary Breast Tissue?

I have a "pouch of skin" above my breast (kind of near the underarm area but not on the arm). I am unsure of what kind of procedure would... READ MORE

Procedure to Fix Natural Symmastia?

I have natural Symmastia. Its not the muscle, just skin that allows no cleavage line. There's not any fat underneath, my skin is just not... READ MORE

Should smaller implants be used with a lollipop lift? (photo)

When you remove the skin during a lollipop lift, should a smaller size implant be used because you have less skin to fill? I am 5'6" 130 lbs semi... READ MORE

I Am Two Weeks out from Having over the Muscle Augmentation, Skin On Right Side Is Hyper Sensitive.

 It Has Been Really Great except for my skin and nipple on the right side being hyper sensitve. Is this ok and how long can I expect this to go on? READ MORE

Skin Adherence After Breast Augmentation

I had a capsular contracture and deep tissue adherence near my chest wall after my first breast augmentation, six years ago. I removed the implant.... READ MORE

Is this redness caused by stretching? It itches and hurts. Feels as if my skin is going to rip. (Photo)

I just had breast implants put in about six months ago. I am now 20 weeks pregnant...I know I probably should have waited to get them until I was 100%... READ MORE

It is possible overfill an implant after 6 months??? (photo)

Hi! I just got Bl an Ba on February 14, 2014. I had 600cc overfill to 630, but I want to be one size bigger. The Md said that can be overfill to up... READ MORE

If I go smaller than recommended, will I need a lift or skin removal?

I am a flat A cup, all skin with hardly any tissue. My plastic surgeon says with my measurements, I need at least 275cc's...I feel like these are huge... READ MORE

Can the lifted skin of the sternum (tenting) re-attaché with long term use of a thong bra ?

Hi, Another question, 6 weeks post-op, does skin tenting mean the skin is becoming un-attatched from the sternum ? If so, can it re- attatche with... READ MORE

How many cup sizes can you go up without stretching the skin for Breast Augmentation?

I measure 35'' they sit a little low if you ask me, and just look so.. almost tubular I guess but not quite, cause most of the tissue seems to be at... READ MORE

Breast augmentation using my own skin?

Has anyone ever heard of a surgeon using skin ( from old hysterectomy scar) to "fill" a empty hollow space on a breast aug? The original pocket was... READ MORE

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