Sick + Breast Augmentation

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What happens if you get sick with a cough or cold before surgery?

Im really concerned since my surgery is January 7.. a lot of people get sick in the winter.. so im really worried about getting sick before my surgery... READ MORE

Sick Before Breast Augmentation

Hi there, i am so worried!!! i have a sore throte and a mild infrequent cough, i have my procedure coming up in 5 days time, as long as it doesnt get... READ MORE

Will the Pain Killers Make Me Sick After my BA?

Instead of taking them would extra strength Tylenol help ease the pain? I just really do not want to throw up during my recovery time.. Is there pain... READ MORE

Can i still Get My breast implants done If im getting sick?

I feel like I am getting sick? I have discomfort in the nose area. My surgery is In 3 days. READ MORE

Getting sick before surgery. Will I have to reschedule it? And will elderberry syrup effect anesthesia negatively?

My surgery is scheduled for Friday, which is 3 days from now. I've had a canker sore for a few days and along with that I have a swollen gland, a sore... READ MORE

Can I have breast surgery if I'm sick?

I am replacing my implants and have surgery in 2 days but have been sick. I have sore throat, cough, and mild upset stomach. It's not bad but can't... READ MORE

I'm having a breast aug tomorrow, but I'm sick. Will it be cancelled?

I am starting to have runy nose and I have my breast augmentation in one day do you think my dr is go in to cancel my surgry READ MORE

Should I tell my PS about my food poisoning?

My BA surgery is scheduled for March 11, 2014. However, I seem to have eaten something that gave me food poisoning. The worst of it has past but I... READ MORE

I'm feeling unwell before my Breast Augmentation operation. What do you suggest I do?

I am feeling quite unwell, my BA operation is tomorrow but not sure if its just my nerves.. I feel sick and have tummy ache, not painful just nauseous... READ MORE

I have a medium growth staph infection appear 8 weeks post op. My question is, what is the likelihood of the implant removal?

I have had constant weeping and a small hole in my left breast since 3 weeks post op, my left breast recovered fine. 1 week ago I became very Ill and... READ MORE

Why do you all say, "the implants did not cause your symptoms"? (photos)

I have several doctors and have been for second opinions, reviews and get the same answer, "definitely, your implants did not cause your sickness".... READ MORE

i have undergone breast augmentation without complications. I'm beyond satisfied and it's been rougly 2 yrs?

I've been suffering some physical symptoms of dizziness & increasing fatigue & headaches which i've never had really many headaches before... READ MORE

Can a hematoma that had been drained one year ago and now turned into capsular contractor cause you to feel sick/ill low energy?

I've had 2 breast augmentations one reconstruction. Shortly after the reconstruction it developed a hematoma I then had it drained but formed into... READ MORE

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