Showering + Breast Augmentation

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How Long After a BA Can You Actually Shower? Some Ppl Did 2 Days Some Say 2 Weeks.

Is there a period u reach of healing b4 this is accepted and abt how long b4 the skin start closing up? READ MORE

Post BA Can/should I Change Water Damaged Bandage?

Hi, I have a crease incision and I'm 6 days post-op and was given the ok to shower today--when I got out of the shower the right bandage was soaked... READ MORE

Can I shower with stitches?

I had breast augmentation on February 14 and I need to know when I shower is it ok if the stitches get wet? READ MORE

How soon can I shower after breast augmentation? Can I shower completely or just my lower body?

I just had my BA done on the 7/25 How soon can I shower? Can I shower completely or just my lower body ? READ MORE

Do I have to wait to start daily activities, such as washing my hair and driving? (Photo)

I am going to have a breast augmentation, And I can't stop working, I am just going to take two days off, and come back to work right after, I am... READ MORE

I just got my BA done yesterday (7/25) My breast feel very high, and hard. Is that normal? How long for me to be able to shower?

I got my BA on July 25. Everything went well . I didn't feel much pain after my surgery. Today ,the second day it hurts a little more . My boobs seem... READ MORE

Am Wondering How Long Before I Can Do Basic Chores Around the House, Shower and Eventually Go Back to Work?

I am currently a waitress and bartender at a local restaurant/bar/motel. In the bar we lift flats and cases of beer every day and many times a day. In... READ MORE

Showering 2 weeks post Breast Augmentation?

I got implants 2 weeks ago and was told to shower twice a day. I've been doing just that until yesterday. We have been having problems with our hot... READ MORE

I am hearing a lot about "1 day" or "rapid recovery" regarding breast aug. Can you really recover within 24-72 hours?

I am hearing a lot about rapid recovery methods for breast aug. Several of the plastic surgeons I am considering promote it on their websites. Is this... READ MORE

Is support bra in breast augmentation supposed to be worn 24hours a day?

Thankyou for previouse help. I have been online re support bras in recovery from breast augmentation and have found that a few places say best to... READ MORE

Can pectoral muscle cramp severely distort the shape of an implant? How long will it last or is it more serious? POD#16 (photo)

While showering, I reached down to scrub my leg (maybe too hard) & started to feel the beginning of a cramp on the side of my right breast. I stopped,... READ MORE

Why is there conflicting information concerning how soon you can take a shower after breast reduction?

I have noticed that some people who share their experience say they were allowed to take a shower one day after surgery with the drains still in them.... READ MORE

Day 1 post op and feeling a little horrible. What can I do to help? (Photo)

. I got out of surgery around 3pm yesterday. My chest is tight of course and can barely use my arms. Can't reach for anything. When will the bleeding... READ MORE

Can I take a shower 3 days post op? Should I cover the wound when I am taking the shower? Can I sleep on my right or left side?

Now I'm 3 days after the surgery the pain doesn't completely goes away .. I feel heavy and back pain I'm afraid to move my arms because it is so tight... READ MORE

I just had a BA on 2/4 and my tape issues started covering my areola started coming off in the shower. How can I stop this?

I went to take my first shower yesterday and my tape covering my areola started coming off on the top (incision is located at bottom). I covered them... READ MORE

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