Sensitivity + Breast Augmentation

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Very Sensitive Nipples After Breast Augmentation

I am 53 years old and had silicone implants 1 month ago. I am having very sensitive nipples, almost to the point of painful. Fabric hurts to touch... READ MORE

Why is the Skin on my Breasts and my Nipples So Tender After my Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago. (Inframammary incision, sub glandular, silicone, 375cc) They look great and soreness is minimal but my skin... READ MORE

Pain and Extreme Sensitivity 3 1/2 Years After Breast Augmentation?

I had my breast augmentation 3 1/2 years ago - under the muscle saline 375cc's. I have had throbbing pain across my breasts on and off since I... READ MORE

Nipple Swelling - Will It Go Away?

I had breast augmentation (400cc silicone mod+ unders, crease incision) 5 days ago and ever since my nipples have been very puffy and swollen. I'm... READ MORE

Neuropathic Pain / Hypersensitivity 2yrs Post Breast Augmentation

To start with my left breast was numb but from 6mths post op to now I am suffering massively from areas of hypersensitivity or neuropathic pain.I have... READ MORE

Received Eurosilicone 350cc 4 Months Ago, Size B to D. Is Some Pain And Sensitivity Normal?

They look beautiful, no swelling or any redness... I just have a question for you that worries me? Sometimes the left side of my breast get a sting... READ MORE

Hypersensitive Nipple on One Side Suddenly After 5 Years Since my Augmentation, Why?

My right nipple suddenly became hypersensitive 3 months ago, its been hurting on a daily basis, on occasion itll suddenly desensitize only to return a... READ MORE

Which Technique Retains Most Sensitivity - Lejour or Findlay?

Which vertical technique is believed to save more sensetivity Lejour or Fandlay ? If F-y is done withot skin shirred why more surgeons still choose... READ MORE

I Am Three Days Post Op for Breast Aug. Hurts to Touch Breast?

I had 425cc in my left breast and 475cc in my right. I was a 34B- before surgery. My left breast seems to be doing fine with minimal pain. They both... READ MORE

Permanent Sensitivity Issues After Breast Augmentation

Sometimes They Say Sensitivity Issues Are Permanent After Breast Augmentation. At What Point is It Considered Permanent? I am 43 years old and I am 5... READ MORE

Capsulotomy Problems, Still Have Pain.

I Had a capsulotomy almos 7 months ago and i still have sharp stabbing like pain, my nipples are sore, and sensitive especially in the right breast.... READ MORE

Does Repetitive Surgery Decrease Breast Sensitivity?

What are the side effects of repetative surgery? Does it increase the risks of capsular contracture? What is the recommended maximum amount a breast... READ MORE

Suddenly Have Pain/sensativity in Left Breast Near Arm Pit & Side

I had my surgery in 2008. I have always had some sensativity on that side but about two months go they got real hard & swollen for a couple of... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation a Year and a Half Ago, and One of the Inframammary Scars is Red, Raised, and Very Painful? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 1.5 years ago. Following the procedure, one of the inframammary incisions never healed like the other. The other incision is... READ MORE

I Am Two Weeks out from Having over the Muscle Augmentation, Skin On Right Side Is Hyper Sensitive.

 It Has Been Really Great except for my skin and nipple on the right side being hyper sensitve. Is this ok and how long can I expect this to go on? READ MORE

I Am 48 Yrs Old and Still Have Very Painful Nipples 18 Months PO?

I am 48 years old and have had a breast augmentation via an inframmary incision 18 months ago. I am experiencing extremely sensitive an painful... READ MORE

Options For Extremely Sensitive Nipple Even After a Year?

I have had hypersensitive nipple (mainly the right breast) for some time now. I was taking something to help (nuerontin, for about 6 months) but this... READ MORE

Would Love a BA, but Have Several Concerns and Questions...Results, Complications and Other Worries? (photo)

42 120 Lbs 5'5" Mother of 4 1 From A to a big C, what sort of an outcome should i expect? 2 I am worried about surgical complications? 3 I have hiper... READ MORE

Pain in Right Breast Around Scar Area 2 Years Post BA. Is This Common?

It has been two years since my surgery and I have the same pain in the same breast, in the same spot. It is in the scar area (crease incision) and... READ MORE

Intense Breast and Aerola Pain and Sensitivity After Breast Surgery, Normal?

I went for breast implant in March. But til now its about 5 month and I am still having this disturbing mild swell pain over my breast. Also with... READ MORE

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