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I Had BA 4 Months Ago with 400cc High Profile Silicone Smooth Implants, And They're Uneven and Cause Pain. Cause? (photo)

I Had Breast Augmentation 4 Months Ago with 400cc High Profile Silicone Smooth Implants and they look very uneven and the left breast looks much... READ MORE

Staph Aureus 4 Weeks Post-op Breast Augmentation. What Are the Chances of Losing my Implant? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post-op remove & replace saline to silicone. A week ago I was lifting my child & felt a severe pain in my left breast with... READ MORE

Implant Replacement - What is the Suction Noise and Sensation I Am Feeling?

I had silicone implants put in about 8 mo ago, I replaced my 8 year old saline that had capsule. Yesterday I started to feel like a sucking sensation... READ MORE

Good Or Bad Idea to Switch to Over-The-Muscle Implants After a Lift?

I had 480cc's of saline high profile implants placed under the muscle. However, I worry that when I go to the gym to work out, I'll have... READ MORE

Second Breast Implants, Noticed a Pimple Like Thing on My Scar?

I am worried because I had breast implants saline the first time around, and I developed a leak In my right boob , and my left herby hard, so I had... READ MORE

Does This Look Normal for 6 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I am very concerned with how different they look from each other, the breast that is lower has the "higher" nipple. My left breast looks kind of... READ MORE

"Staging" a Reaugmentation?

I'm having my over the muscle saline implants replaced with under the musle silicone. The doctor has recommended a staged approach of removing the... READ MORE

Areola reduction with revision - is a lift necessary? (Photo)

I currently have saline implants, and want to exchange to larger implants (either Saline or Silicone, I am still undecided). I have the subfascial... READ MORE

Can you provide a professional opinion on how you would correct my breasts? (Photo)

I switched from saline to silicone. I had a capsuloraphy on the right side as well. I am having alot of rippling, edges showing, flatness and the... READ MORE

What Size? Saline to Silicone?

Hi I had a benelli lift and augmentation back on 2008. I had a baby and now I gave my breast saggy again. Doing a lift in two weeks. Changing from... READ MORE

HP to Mod +?

Have 500hp saline overs, 15 years now. Redo 700 mod+ silicone overs. Will I have more frontal round look, more side boob? will it be noticeable? I'm... READ MORE

Switching from Saline to Silicone, but want maintain same size I am now?

I currently have 550 cc's of saline in each breast and am looking to switch to silicone, however, I have seen that saline and silicone breasts of the... READ MORE

How many cc of Silicone would I need in order to achieve DD from A sized breasts?

I currently have HP Saline implants filled to 465cc. Before my initial breast augmentation I was (barely) a 34A and am now a 34D. I am going to redo... READ MORE

What will my recovery be like? (Photo)

I am getting internal sutures to fix an implant that is too low. I am also changing from my saline 350 HP to silicone 500cc HP. Will my recover be... READ MORE

Follow up to first question. Should I have gone for smaller implants?

When I got my implants changed from saline to silicone the doctor suggested going larger to reduce rippling? I am definitely willing to go smaller -... READ MORE

Will larger implants lift nipples slightly or be too big on frame? (Photo)

I am 5'1", 125lbs, 47 years old. I had 235cc saline implants placed 14 years ago under the muscle and went from an 34A to a 34C cup. A pregnancy at... READ MORE

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