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Breast Augmentation Redo Due to Weight Gain, Breast Feeding

I had a breast augmentation 4 years ago after the birth of my second child. Thanks to weight gain, breast feeding and weight loss. I went from a B cup... READ MORE

Failure Rate for Breast Reconstruction Vs Breast Augmentation?

Hello doctors, I have read that women with radiation in the past who went for Breast Reconstruction with Breast implants have a very high risk of... READ MORE

"Corners" Protruding in Cohesive Silicone Implant 1 Week Post-op?

Last week I had implant replacement surgery from saline high profile 290cc to cohesive silicone mod profile 350cc. Now when i bend slightly or... READ MORE

Do Mentor Memory Gel Implants Need to Be Replaced Every 10 Years?

I called the Mentor company yesterday because I had some questions about their warranties. The person I spoke to, who didn't appear to be very... READ MORE

Rippling and Fat Grafting?

I had a double mastectomy and will be replacing my expanders with silicone implants under the muscle. I am 5'7, 138 lbs, have thin skin and was a 34C.... READ MORE

Are nipple piercings ok to be replaced after breast augmentation? (Photo)

I had my BA July 23. My PS suggested I take my nipple rings out never to put them back in but I've done some research and see that some surgeons... READ MORE

Can I have breast surgery if I'm sick?

I am replacing my implants and have surgery in 2 days but have been sick. I have sore throat, cough, and mild upset stomach. It's not bad but can't... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Paper Thin Skin?

I had implant replacement done 02/14/13, from 330cc to 540 ccs saline unders- the skin under the right breast toward the middle of my body by the... READ MORE

1 Implant Needs Replacing, but Does Both Implants Have to Be Removed to Ensure Even Positioning? (photo)

My surgeon put in the wrong implant size in my right breast, so I am now a cup size bigger in the right breast than on the left (C cup left, D in... READ MORE

4 weeks post op breast lift and breast implant replacement. Is a revision needed? One breast is much lower. (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op and I'm not very happy with the lower part of my breast. I love everything else but one breast hangs lower with a large crease I... READ MORE

How Soon After BA Can I Have Another Surgery?

I am a healthy active 31 year old having a BA with vertical lift split plane. How long after my BA do I have to wait to have a L5-S1 disc replacement... READ MORE

When to Replace Implants?

I had augmentation in my early 20s but am now 45. I have been happy with my procedure but am beginning to notice hardening in my right breast. At what... READ MORE

Replacing 25+ Year Old Silicone Implants Vs Waiting Until They Leak: How Much More Complicated is the Surgery for the Latter?

After doing research here, and asking several docs personally, I am finding many opinions are to leave in my intact (per MRI/ultrasound) until there... READ MORE

My implants are up to my collar bone. Will implant come down? Will I need them replaced? (photo)

2Days pre op & the implants r like up to my collar bone.PS says they may drop to correct position in 2 weeks .so do i leave em or take em out... READ MORE

I Had an Infection After Breastlift Combined with Silikone implants, How Long Do I have to Wait to Put Implants Back In?

Over a month ago, I finally got the money to get a breastlift and get silicone at the same time after having two kids. Of course, I got an infection... READ MORE

For a Biofilm Infection on a Breast Expander; is It Safe to Remove and Replace in 1 Surgery?

I am 8 months post-mastectomy, with expanders in, and my dr thinks I have a biofilm infection on one side. I have been on zyvox 3 weeks. Do I need to... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Have Implant Replacements After Severe Hematoma in Both Breasts Caused Implants to Be Removed? (photo)

I had a MM on 4/8/13 with a BA & TT. Severe bruising started around both incisions on day 10. Blood started leaking from the incision on my right... READ MORE

26 Yr Old Implants & Mastoplexy?

Want very much to have a long over due rpl. decrease in size & lift. Is it more complicated a surgery? Higher fee? Could I expect a pleasing... READ MORE

What Are the Signs That It is Time to Have Your Breast Implants (Saline) Replaced?

I want to be prepared financially if and when I need to have my implants replaced. Knowing what signs to look for would be very helpful. READ MORE

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