Redo + Breast Augmentation

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Do I Have to Pay to Redo a Surgery Even Its Not my Fault?

Hi ,i had surgery 4 month ago, i went from size a to c ,300 cc i have aproblem with my right breast its higher and harder thin the left one ,mypaying... READ MORE

Will I Have to Get a Redo if my Implant Pocket is to Small? How Can I Tell if This is the Problem?

34 B pre op. 550cc silicone, under muscle. my right breast gave me pain about 3 or so weeks after, then out of no where it began to harden around the... READ MORE

Is my Breast Being Asymmetrical and Smaller Than Intended Reason Enough to Have my PS Redo my Breasts?

I am 5'9, 120 lbs, 32A before operation and I am 2 weeks postop. My PS and I intended for me to be a C with this breast augmentation. One is... READ MORE

2 Lifts and Still Saggy?

I had implants and a lift after i breast fed twins, but then had another child and had another lift, BUT THEY HAVE SAGGED AGAIN. my surgeon put the... READ MORE

Should PS Do Redo at Cost? Fell Its Not my Fault. (photo)

I had breast aug/lift 6mths ago I had told asst I wanted to be a small C and I was already a full B almost a C said it was more about the lift. I had... READ MORE

Can a breast lift/augmentation be redone for a larger size? (photos)

4 weeks ago and not satisfied! Didn't want a reduction! Requested a full C -cup, but shud have been a D - cup?? Can this procedure be redone in Office? READ MORE

How long should I wait to see full recovery from my surgery? If I decide to re-do surgery, How long should I wait? (photo)

As recent as November 10, 2014 I had breast implants, silicone cohesive gel 425 cc HP. I am very unhappy with the size. Initial consultation I was not... READ MORE

How do I find hope after a botched breast lift? Will someone take my case? Where do I start?

I am very overwhelmed. I had poor scarring, spread aerolas after bad benelli breast lift. I dont have saggy breasts though. I hate the permanent... READ MORE

If the doc who did my breast aug messed up and my breasts are asymmetrical, will he redo them, and would I have to pay? (Photo)

Would I have to pay the whole amount for him to fix them? I have insurance for them but I don't know if that would even help in this situation becuz... READ MORE

What went wrong, and how do I get it fixed? (photos)

In late July 2013, I had a lift/enlargement done with round moderate saline 275cc right 235 cc left. There's an obvious difference. My surgeon (who... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait after breast augmentation to go bigger?

I am 3 weeks post op and my breasts are tiny I know for a fact that I want them redone I just want to know how soon I can get them redone. READ MORE

Redoing a breast lift as well as either keeping the same implant or changing it. What is my best option?

I asked to be left at a full 34C and ended up as a 34DD. My doctor said after a year he would take care of it. There is way too much side boob and it... READ MORE

1 year after male benelli lift, has the tissue settled/remolded enough to "redo" the surgery for a higher lift?

I know that a concern with this technique is "pushing" the surgery too far, but at about 1 year post, has the rippling/tissue settled enough to now... READ MORE

Diagnosed with costochondritis 10 months after sub musc BA re-do. Had Same symptoms after first op, is the surgery to blame?

I have been diagnosed with costochondritis with painful burning in breasts radiating throughout upper body, fatigue, nausea and panic attacks. I... READ MORE

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