Pressure + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Pain Very Scared!

I've had saline under the muscle implants for 5 yrs. I got a deep tissue massage 1 week ago on my back. It was very uncomfortable for my boobs.... READ MORE

Why Do I Feel Hardness in my Breast After It Was Pressed on Inner Part? What Should I Do? (photo)

I'm 1 year after BA,7 month after BA during sex my BF pressed inner part of my right breast i felt kind of pain on bottom part of breast. After... READ MORE

Lift with Implants 5 Weeks Ago, When Will Swelling and Pressure Subside? (photo)

Anchor lift with silicone implants. When should I expect the swelling and pressure when I lean forward, or begin more activities to subside. The left... READ MORE

Sharp & Shock-Like Pain? (photo)

I am on my 3rd day post-op and so far I've been doing very well. I have one concern, I have this weird shock-like pain on my left breast around the... READ MORE

Silicone Implants - Chest Pressure Caused By High Altitude?

I had my silicone breast augmentation a little over a year ago and have been completely in love ever since!! However I recently went to the mountains... READ MORE

Why Am I Sore? I Feel Like my Implants Will Fall out (Pressure). Extremely Sore; Causes? (photo)

I am 2wks and 3 days now (BA-under muscle/infram-375cc r/l) Opening doors, etc. have become noticeably difficult to open again, why am I sore? I feel... READ MORE

My Boyfriend Was Laying on Me During Sex and I Felt This Sever Pain in my Breast?

Sever pain in the breast.i have implants and I felt a pop. It's been three days and I can barely move my arm or lay down. READ MORE

4 Year Old Implants w/ Pressure and Tightness - Is This Capsular Contracture?

I had my implants done about 4 yrs ago. My left breast feels like I have muscle tightness at times and it feels like I can feel the implant move when... READ MORE

Pain in Left Boob, Child Jumped and Landed on Chest, Pain Still After Three Weeks, I Do Have a Boob Job, is This Serious?

I have had two breast augmentations, and recently I was laying on the couch when my son ran as jumped on my chest. My boon on the left side has been... READ MORE

Had a Very Firm Hug 2 Weeks Post Breast Augmentation and Heard a Pop Noise?

I got a very hard bear hug from a friend that didn't realize I wasn't healed. It was pressured more to my right side and I felt something like a pop... READ MORE

My nipples and areolas are sensitive and slight pain when its touched, is this normal?

My breast aug. was on May 7th so only 4 weeks post op. For the most part topically my breast are still numb feeling and only feel pressure of my hands... READ MORE

I Fell During a Pushup Did I Rupture or Bruise my Breast?

I was doing a pushup on a medicine ball, its a hard surface when I slipped due to sweaty hand. i landed on the ball with my left breast. It hurt very... READ MORE

Chest pressure and pain - are my implants too big for me? (photos)

I'm 94lbs and 5"3 . 6 weeks from post op . 339 implants over the muscle. Extremely heavy pressure in my chest wall,swelling and some numbness and... READ MORE

I have discomfort like a pressure on my right breast & behind the nipple that radiates in my arm & up to my hand.Is this normal?

The pain somehow radiates in the back on my right arm and up to the side of my hand. It feels like a muscular pain and painful pressure. It like a... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Be Extremely Uncomfortable And Bloating a Few Hours After BA?

I had my breast augmentation this morning. I've been in alot of pain all day. my stomach is extremely bloated and I can hear and feel gas bubbles. is... READ MORE

How much pressure/force does it take to rupture silicone implants?

I went to the chiropractor today for the first time after having my ba. He adjusted me standing up and laying down and I was worried that he was gonna... READ MORE

Breast and Nipple Sensitivity 7 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I am almost 7 weeks post breast augmentation. Both my breasts are tender to touch and pressure (almost like the feeling of a bad bruise), as well as... READ MORE

I'm concerned with the amount of pressure a silicone breast implant can withstand?

I am 2 weeks post-op breast augmentation surgery (Mentor high-profile gel). Today, I had a chiropractic adjustment where my chiropractor used an... READ MORE

Discomfort when I wake up in the morning post breast this normal?

I had a breast augmentation performed 4 weeks ago (behind the muscle). My right breast is fine 95 % of the time. However I feel discomfort or pressure... READ MORE

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