Pressure + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Pain Very Scared!

I've had saline under the muscle implants for 5 yrs. I got a deep tissue massage 1 week ago on my back. It was very uncomfortable for my boobs.... READ MORE

Why Do I Feel Hardness in my Breast After It Was Pressed on Inner Part? What Should I Do? (photo)

I'm 1 year after BA,7 month after BA during sex my BF pressed inner part of my right breast i felt kind of pain on bottom part of breast. After... READ MORE

Lift with Implants 5 Weeks Ago, When Will Swelling and Pressure Subside? (photo)

Anchor lift with silicone implants. When should I expect the swelling and pressure when I lean forward, or begin more activities to subside. The left... READ MORE

Silicone Implants - Chest Pressure Caused By High Altitude?

I had my silicone breast augmentation a little over a year ago and have been completely in love ever since!! However I recently went to the mountains... READ MORE

Sharp & Shock-Like Pain? (photo)

I am on my 3rd day post-op and so far I've been doing very well. I have one concern, I have this weird shock-like pain on my left breast around the... READ MORE

Why Am I Sore? I Feel Like my Implants Will Fall out (Pressure). Extremely Sore; Causes? (photo)

I am 2wks and 3 days now (BA-under muscle/infram-375cc r/l) Opening doors, etc. have become noticeably difficult to open again, why am I sore? I feel... READ MORE

4 Year Old Implants w/ Pressure and Tightness - Is This Capsular Contracture?

I had my implants done about 4 yrs ago. My left breast feels like I have muscle tightness at times and it feels like I can feel the implant move when... READ MORE

My Boyfriend Was Laying on Me During Sex and I Felt This Sever Pain in my Breast?

Sever pain in the breast.i have implants and I felt a pop. It's been three days and I can barely move my arm or lay down. READ MORE

Pain in Left Boob, Child Jumped and Landed on Chest, Pain Still After Three Weeks, I Do Have a Boob Job, is This Serious?

I have had two breast augmentations, and recently I was laying on the couch when my son ran as jumped on my chest. My boon on the left side has been... READ MORE

Had a Very Firm Hug 2 Weeks Post Breast Augmentation and Heard a Pop Noise?

I got a very hard bear hug from a friend that didn't realize I wasn't healed. It was pressured more to my right side and I felt something like a pop... READ MORE

My nipples and areolas are sensitive and slight pain when its touched, is this normal?

My breast aug. was on May 7th so only 4 weeks post op. For the most part topically my breast are still numb feeling and only feel pressure of my hands... READ MORE

I Fell During a Pushup Did I Rupture or Bruise my Breast?

I was doing a pushup on a medicine ball, its a hard surface when I slipped due to sweaty hand. i landed on the ball with my left breast. It hurt very... READ MORE

Chest pressure and pain - are my implants too big for me? (photos)

I'm 94lbs and 5"3 . 6 weeks from post op . 339 implants over the muscle. Extremely heavy pressure in my chest wall,swelling and some numbness and... READ MORE

Breast and Nipple Sensitivity 7 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I am almost 7 weeks post breast augmentation. Both my breasts are tender to touch and pressure (almost like the feeling of a bad bruise), as well as... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Be Extremely Uncomfortable And Bloating a Few Hours After BA?

I had my breast augmentation this morning. I've been in alot of pain all day. my stomach is extremely bloated and I can hear and feel gas bubbles. is... READ MORE

I'm concerned with the amount of pressure a silicone breast implant can withstand?

I am 2 weeks post-op breast augmentation surgery (Mentor high-profile gel). Today, I had a chiropractic adjustment where my chiropractor used an... READ MORE

Would a BA affect one's ability to sing?

If so, how long after surgery would it take (rough estimate) to recover enough to sing properly? I'm concerned with the pressure of deep breaths... READ MORE

Breast Lift itching, still in bandages after 5 days. Breasts feel hot and the pressure is driving me mad.

I had Breast Lift & implant exchange (CapCon & rupture in one side) 5 days ago. My surgeon wants me to remain wrapped (not a bra) for 8 days. After 5... READ MORE

My PS nurse said I can't use Afrin Nasal Spray the week of my Breast Augmentation surgery. Is this true?

I am having breast implant surgery in 4 days and I have a cold with a lot of sinus congestion. My general practitioner prescribed Afrin for 3 days for... READ MORE

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