Post-pregnancy + Breast Augmentation

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Caring for Infants After Breast Augmentation

Will I be able to look after my baby after my breast operation? I have a 6-month- old baby and I am looking to have a breast enlargement operation... READ MORE

Should I Have a Breast Augmentation Before Having Children?

I'm interested in getting implants but unsure whether to get them done before having children. I am 24 years old and about 5.5ft and slim. I would... READ MORE

Is Breast Augmentation Less Painful for Women Post Pregnancy?

I read that women who have had babies would have stretched their skin enough to lose volume, which may be helpful to create a breast pocket during... READ MORE

Can I Have a Breast Augmentation That Lifts the Breast Without Making Them Larger?

What type of augmentation is best for after breastfeeding to fill the loose skin and make breasts sag less? Return to pre-pregnancy size? READ MORE

My Breasts with Implants Have Not Changed at All During This Pregnancy, Can I Expect This Once I've Given Birth?

I have 450ccs under the muscle through crease and I am 8 months pregnant now. My breasts still look exactly the same except maybe slightly bigger but... READ MORE

My breasts look strange cont... Why might this be? (Photo)

Hi I posted before but didn't enough info I'm 27 120 lbs 5'7 had ba 325cc unders 6 days post op I'm a very active person hair stylist and seasoned... READ MORE

Will breast implants alone allow me to reach my goal? (Photo)

I am 22, 5'1, 115lb, mother of 2. Currently an A cup looking to achieve a beautiful, full, natural D/DD but would much rather not get a lift if I... READ MORE

Is it normal for no swelling post op? (Photo)

I have had 4 kids. I am 2 days post op I was an A prior. Went in asking for a full C small D. I have Sientra smooth moderate plus. Right is 410cc and... READ MORE

I want natural looking breasts. Should I choose round or shaped silicone implants? (Photo)

I am 43, nursed 3 kids, went from DD to 34A! I want full youthful C's that look natural but not droopy. READ MORE

Have I been given the wrong type of implant and pockets? (Photo)

Had lift with implants. Gummy bear, 335 left, 355 right smooth round high protection Sientra; done 1 year ago. my skin is thin after 3 kids but the... READ MORE

Hello I Just Had a Baby Three Weeks Ago I'm Breastfeeding but I Want a Breast Augmentation when Should I Stop? (photo)

Hello I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and I'm currently breastfeeding , I always wanted my breast done and since this is my second and last child i want... READ MORE

Can you tell from my photos if I will require lift in addition to implants? (Photo)

I am 48, almost 5'6" & weigh 137. Athletic build. 3 kids, mostly grown. I wear a 38 B, but barely. Need the 38 for width/comfort. I prefer round &... READ MORE

Are lifts plus implants a good idea for massive sagging, and does this increase the possibility of complications? (Photo)

I am 37, no health issues, 3 children 120 lb weight loss. No prior breast surgeries. Currently a size D, however, I am accustomed to larger breasts. I... READ MORE

Do I need a lift and implants, or just implants? (Photo)

Currently, I'm a full 36b or barely there 36c depending on the brand. After 3 pregnancy, and breastfeeding my breasts are very deflated and droppy.... READ MORE

Am I suitable for breast implants alone or do I need a lift as well? (Photo)

I used to have a nice D cup prior to kids. Now after 5 kids my breast are a C cup and not near as perky. Would an implant help me, or do I need a lift... READ MORE

Is this the right implant size for me? (Photo)

I currently wear 38A. I desire a natural look, more fullness on the bottom than top. I care more about shape, porportion, and choosing the right size... READ MORE

Confused about different suggestions from doctors about breast augmentation. Which implants would be best? (Photo)

I am having a difficult time deciding what I would like to tell my doctor what i want in regards to the type of implants i want. I had a consultation... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation while there's still milk in my breast?

I have had everything tested but i still have milk in my breast for over 15 years. I am wanting breast augmentation done , is it possible with milk in... READ MORE

Crescent lift with implant or subfascial implant? (Photo)

I have met with many surgeons and have narrowed it down to 2 but with that said they have different opinions. I am a 40 year old mother of 3 with... READ MORE

Can I achieve this look? (Photo)

My measurements are 34 25 38 and I would like to go from a very volume less B cup to very full double D maybe even an E if possible. I had a baby and... READ MORE

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