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How Much Does a Natural Breast Augmentation Cost?

I just had a baby and my breast are not the same. Are they permanent and how big can you actually go? READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Stretch the Areola Permanently?

Does a Breast Augmentation permanently stretch the areola and causing nipples to stay hard all the time. My boyfriend says all the Breast Augmentation... READ MORE

Will Nipple Lift Redness Eventually Fade/go Away Completely, or Always Remain?

I had breast augmentation May 2011 & because of nipple asymetry, also a right nipple lift. This red scar makes my areola look much larger than... READ MORE

Will a Rodial Breast Augmentation Last Forever?

What I would like to know is do you have to keep using it to maintain fuller breasts or does it last forever? READ MORE

Permanent Sensitivity Issues After Breast Augmentation

Sometimes They Say Sensitivity Issues Are Permanent After Breast Augmentation. At What Point is It Considered Permanent? I am 43 years old and I am 5... READ MORE

Sensation loss 2 months after breast augmentation

I've had a breast augmentation 2 months ago and one of the breast has lost some sensation? is this permanent? Will I ever recover? I have had... READ MORE

Could Breast Feeding Have Reduced by Breast Size Permanently?

I have always been a very slim girl but i had reasonable sized breasts before my pregnancy and breast feeding. I breast fed twins for 13 months and... READ MORE

How Common is Chronic Neuralgia After Breast Augmentation?

I'm 2 months post op from submuscular augment. Have had 24/7 pain in right breast since. Pain varies but is generally significant, 7/10. My... READ MORE

500-550cc High-moderate Profile is This Too Big? This is my First Breast Augmentation but I Want a Permanent Size? (photo)

I'm 5'2 165 I plan on getting a brazilian butt lift but most of my weight is in my legs because they are very defined and muscular although I do have... READ MORE

2 weeks after surgery and my breasts and nipples are numb. Will the feeling come back?

Its been two weeks since surgery a large portion of my breast and my nipples are completely numb. My surgeon said thats strange considering the... READ MORE

Are BRAVA results permanent?

I had my 270cc saline removed 8wks ago, after 15 yrs. I'm now an AA. I'm not interested in implants. I'm slender, so fat transfer may be problematic.... READ MORE

Numb breasts and nipples. When will this go away? (Photo)

I am 19 days post op following under muscle saline implants. I still have numbness in my nipples/ lower breasts (incisions are under each breast). I... READ MORE

2 years post op of Breast Augmentation, would an Areolar Reduction interfere with a "permanent stitch?"

I had breast augmentation 2 years ago. I wanted areolar reduction but my doctor advised against it, saying that he didn't want to interfere with a... READ MORE

I want to know all about breast augmentation. Which one is better; fat transfer or silicone implant?

Is breast augmentation is safe and permanent? Fat transfer breast augmentation is better or the one with silicon? Can I breast feed ante breast... READ MORE

How to heal the scar after the breast implants?

I had my BA before two days ago and I am so worried about the scares so I want to know what can I do now for it or after a week and for the long term... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a permanent sutures in areola years after benelli lift and implant removal?

In 2008 I had implants and a benelli lift to correct tuberous breasts. I had a bad result and 2 years ago I removed the implants. I will be getting... READ MORE

Purse string suture during augmentation for tubular breast syndrome

I had tubular breast syndrome. I had my first surgery to insert implants and hopefully reduce the puffiness of my small tubular breasts. I then had a... READ MORE

Can you get stem cells transferred to your breast to enhance their size?

Can you get stem cells transferred to your breast to enhance their size? If so, how much of an increase could i expect. What is the cost of this... READ MORE

I have hypersensitive nipple 2 years after the breast augmentation. Can it be permanent??

Hi,I'm 33 years old. I had a breast augmentation procedure done 2 years ago from now. My left nipple is super hypersensitive (it hurts really bad). I... READ MORE

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