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Which Breast Surgery Will Give Me Perkier, Fuller Breasts?

Before I had my first child, my breasts were a small B-cup. I got pregnant, then all of a sudden my boobs jumped to double D's. I was extremely... READ MORE

Will an Areola Reduction and Implant Perk Up my Breasts? (photo)

Hi, will an Areola reduction and Implant perky up my breast? I’m 24 and my breast are hereditary, but I’m getting them done this year. I... READ MORE

Petite, Naturally Large Breasts for my Frame, Getting Lift and Implants. What Size? (photo)

I am 5"4 and 115 lbs and have large natural breasts most my life. I used to be heavier several years ago, and recently noticed that my breasts are a... READ MORE

Closer together and very perky - Are my Breast Augmentation Expectations Realistic?

I have very small breasts (34A) that have a downward curvature from my sternum. However, with breast augmentation, the results I'm looking for... READ MORE

Should I Get a Breast Augmentation with Lift or is Augmentation Enough?

I went to STRAX in South Florida and i have mixed feelings. I am 27 years old 120lbs and never had kids. They said i should get both a lift and... READ MORE

Will my Breast Look Cone Shaped After Surgery? (photo)

I've always felt that my breast are a little "cone shaped" and not so much round...With going through with the surgery I was looking for that round... READ MORE

Is It Unreasonable to Expect a Very Perky Breast with a Breast Lift/aug if a Woman Has Very Droopy Size B/C Cups to Start With?

Is It Unreasonable to Expect a Very Perky Breast with a Breast Lift/aug if a Woman Has Very Droopy Size B/C Cups to Start With? Weight: 125 Age: 39... READ MORE

I Am Getting Implants! Do I Need a Lift Too?

I am desiring the boobs I had in my 20's (47 now), before I breast fed my two children. I want full, perky boobs, but do NOT want them to look... READ MORE

Conflicting Opinions From 5 Surgeons. How to Get Perky C in My Case? (photo)

I am confused by conflicting opinions from Doctors over my sagging boobs. I'm 5' 3", 118#'s, mother of 2, age 40. I've always had asymetrical breasts,... READ MORE

Breasts May Be Tubular and Would Like to Reshape Them? (photo)

I'm pretty sure I have tubular breasts and am interested in reshaping them to achieve a better aesthetic while keeping as natural a look as possible.... READ MORE

I'm a 34 B and Super Confused on Which Size I Need to Go with? (photo)

I'm 21 years old 34B I've gone to my consult and decided to go with saline due to my age and body type, I just cant decide if I want to have A HP... READ MORE

Will Dropping Make my Boobs Lose Its Perkiness? (photo)

I just had BA surgery a few days ago. I've been hearing about this dropping and fluffing, something my surgeon hasn't mentioned. I had my surgery done... READ MORE

Lift and Implant Needed? (photo)

I was trying to research what type of surgery I would need. Will I need a breast lift along with my breast implants. I was never really perky and that... READ MORE

When Plastic Surgeons Promise Us We Will Have Perky Breasts, and They Do Not Appear That Way, is That Breach of Contract?

When a Plastic Surgeons shows you a picture of what you will look like when he is done with the Breast Augmentation and you come out all distorted... READ MORE

What is an Appropriate Size for my Petite Frame?

I am 26 y/o and having BA w/ Lift on May 9th.I am 4'11" & weigh 90-95 lbs.I am currently a 32B.I carry weight in my breasts and have had... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift With My Implants? (photo)

I would like to get breast implants and preferably without a lift and i would like an experts opinion, can i achieve a perked look with breast... READ MORE

Recommendations for Implants Without a Lift? (photo)

I've never had perky breasts as a teen or a young adult, but they've always been okay until i gained 100 lbs during my pregnancy. Nursed for 15 months... READ MORE

Are Saline Implants Perkier then Silicone?

I have read that saline implants have a more round and perky look then silicone. Is this true? Or can you achieve a round perky look with silicone as... READ MORE

Implant Size and Profile Estimate? (photo)

I am hoping to achieve breasts like Laura Prestin. She started out a B cup and is 5' 6" and 115 lbs. What range of cc's would you assume that she has,... READ MORE

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