Pectoral + Breast Augmentation

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Athlete with Large Pec Muscles Looking for Natural Breast Augmentation.

I am very athletic, I work out 6-7 days of the week (muscle training on at least 5 days weights & TRX) I would like breast augmentation, my... READ MORE

Pectoral incision query for breast augmentation?

Hi, I'm booked for under the muscle breast augmentation with 250cc silicone mentor mod plus implants. My surgeon has advised he favours smaller... READ MORE

What caused these bad Breast results? Should I choose a new surgeon? (photos)

Bottoming out , pocket on one side too big causing a dent in chest when I lay down and breast falls to the side , pectoral muscle when flexed digs... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Light Pec Muscle Twitching 10 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation?

10 months post op my breasts feel soft and there is no pain. Everything was totally fine until I got really sick with a chest cold and had a horrible... READ MORE

Female Asymmetric Pectus Fixable with Breast Implants?

After a NUSS procedure that left the left chest higher than the right, great asymmetry in the chest wall is noticeable. Can this possibly be masked by... READ MORE

11 days post op now, at 9 days I pulled down my garage door that wasn't working and used my pectorials. Will I be okay? (photos)

I called his office to be seen because my right breast had bruising the first 5 days which has subsided. I asked my PS if this was normal and he said... READ MORE

13 weeks post op. What can be done to fix my deformed breasts? Did I tear my pectoral muscle during exercise? (photos)

286 cc and 265 cc. Distraught by the muscle flexion distortion in my breasts. PS says he hardly ever sees this deformity and attributes it to my... READ MORE

Breasts have bottomed out; left side pocket is too large, right side needs a left. Will I need several surgeries?

I've been told that breast have bottomed out, left side pocket made too large and falls to the side when I lay down, right side has CC and needs a... READ MORE

Is Window Shading of the pectoral muscle the fault of the surgeon?

I went in for a simple swap from a mismatched set of saline to silicone, and wound up with an implant lower than my IMF, and window shading of my pec.... READ MORE

18 days post op Breast Augmentation, I had to lift a case of water (24 bottles). Feeling extra sore. Normal? Alarming?

Hello. So I have been following all directions very well. But, today I really had to lift a case of 24 bottles of water from the store. I did it as... READ MORE

Strong Pectoral Spasms in fit middle aged woman. How long do I let them go on before I worry about capsular contracture?

I'm just past the 3 week mark of having my implant & lift surgery. 300 cc's, saline, under muscle. Both Left and Right have been giving me severe... READ MORE

What is it that Doctors do to the pectorial muscle when placing an plant behind the muscle ?

I keep reading that pectoral muscle needs to be released at time of breast implant surgery . What does this mean ? Are they cut and placed elsewhere... READ MORE

Post-op instruction were to abduct arms over head every hr to keep pectorals stretched. Am I causing more harm than good?(photo)

Just had surgery 10/28. Bilateral under muscle, peri-arreolar incision, 360 saline mp. Post-op instructions include to abduct arms above head x6 every... READ MORE

What's the cause if pectoral muscle deformity in breast with implants ?

Whenever I flex or use pectoral muscles this creates a dent into the breast creating a deformed look . Is this problem one due to the procedure being... READ MORE

What's the difference between sub- facial, and Sub- glandular breast implant placement?

My implant was placed behind the muscle but maybee because I lift weights I have pectoral muscle deformity, Whenever I use the chest muscles it... READ MORE

1 week post op and pecs look the same as pre op size. Should I get them drained?

The Dr. Took 200cc out of each pec and they looked great a few days after surgery. Dr. Had me in a compression wrap for 3 days then took it off for my... READ MORE

How do I know if a jerked pectoral muscle could have caused problems with my Breast Augmentation? What should I look for?

Hello, I'm post-op breast augmentation day 5 with silicone 375cc unders, and I was walking my normally calm dogs with my husband, and my dog (80 lbs)... READ MORE

I had done a revision Breast Augmentation. Should the doctor correct at his cost?

I had a BA done and the doctor did a crescent lift when he shouldve done a full lift. He went back in after 2 mths & did the lift only this time... READ MORE

Can my revision be done with an exchange of new implants or do I have to take them out completely?

Can my revision be done with an exchange of new implants or do I have to take them out completely for a time to correct the pockets ? Bottom out , one... READ MORE

What caused my left pectoral muscle to atrophy after adding volume to an existing implant?

36D on right with left gradually decreasing by about a cup size over time. Implant was very full and after fill surgery muscle "flex" ability was gone... READ MORE

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