Pain Medication + Breast Augmentation

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How Long Do Muscle Spasms After a Breast Augmentation Last?

I have gone from a small B cup to having 500 cc implants. I am having to take Valium just to perform the exercises to form the pockets. READ MORE

How Long Before Surgery Are You to Abstain from Taking Pain Medication Such As Percoset? Is It 1 Week or 2 Weeks Before?

I am having my BA in 11 days and I just injured my eye!!! I have a corneal abrasion and was prescribed Percoset for the pain as no over the counter... READ MORE

Will the Pain Killers Make Me Sick After my BA?

Instead of taking them would extra strength Tylenol help ease the pain? I just really do not want to throw up during my recovery time.. Is there pain... READ MORE

Pain Help After BA?

I saw that some ladies took Tylenol Extra Strength and some took Ibuprofen a few days after the Breast Augmentation surgery. Which one would you... READ MORE

Dizziness 5 Days After Breast Augumentation? (photo)

Hello, I had my surgery 5 days ago with no complications. I was doing well until day 4 when I started to have periods of dizziness that would come and... READ MORE

Sharp Pain Under Right Breast Post Breast Aug + Lift?

Hi, I was diagnosed with mild tuberous breasts,I am 8 days post-op BA under the muscle plus lift(areola incision). I'm having sharp shooting pain only... READ MORE

No Pain Meds, Post Breast Aug?

I am scheduled to have breast aug (rapid recovery) in 11 days and my ps does not believe in pain meds. I am beginning to panic as I am reading a lot... READ MORE

I Am Planning a Lift with Augmentation. I Have a 3 Wk Vacation to Get This Done?

I am working in Afghan and I have 3 wks vac. in India to do this. Then back to work. I am an eng. work in the office, occassion walk site. I cant be... READ MORE

Topical Pain Reliever Ok After BA?

Is it safe or even recommended that one can use a topical muscle pain creme after a breast augmentation such as Tylenol "Precise"? I realize that... READ MORE

I look Aleve before my Breast Augmentation surgery. Will this cause any problems?

I accidently took one Aleve and my BA is in approx. 48 hours. I know I should notify my PS and will do so in the morning, but I am freaking out now!... READ MORE

Itchiness and Pain 5 Days Post-op of a BL&BA Submuscular Normal?

My PS gave me 30 Vicodins 500/5 and I am in so much pain I finished them in 6 days (taking one every 3-4 hrs bc I could hardly move). I am now with... READ MORE

When I Lose Weight and Get Smart Lipo Will I Need Breast Lift? Also What's the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

I had my breast enhanced in april 14 2010 and they were perfect.I had 350cc which made me a D cup to DD since I was a B/C.Since then I had a car... READ MORE

8 days post op Breast Augmentation of 330cc, anatomical, submuscular. I am feeling severe pain. Is this normal?

My PS said that his patients wake pain free and then it is upto me to stay on top of my pain meds. I woke & was in pain, had an injection-tramadol... READ MORE

Breast augmentation scheduled for next wk. I take zolpidem 5mg (ambein) at night to help me sleep. Is this okay?

Hi, I was just wondering if it's okay to keep taking my sleep medication up until my breast augmentation surgery day. I don't plan on taking it after... READ MORE

Is There Something Wrong with my Implants or Me?

I tried to crack my back 3 days after breast aug, since I was numb from the pain pills, stupid, i know, but I felt a pop then later came severe pain... READ MORE

What will breast augmentation recovery be like? Is there any way to relieve pain without meds?

My surgery is scheduled for this Monday, although I'm excited I'm nervous. I'm getting mod plus 375cc maybe 400cc saline dual plane. I'm 5'7 127lbs... READ MORE

4 days post op Breast Augmentation, I have dizziness and light headed episodes. Is this normal?

I'm Day 4 Post Op from Breast Augmentation with no complications, however, today I've been having dizzy or light headed symptoms. Is this normal? I'm... READ MORE

Why is the risk for Capsular Contracture higher for those who had a hematoma? (photo)

Will taking too much pain medication contribute to another onset? The next morning after my breast implants I developed a Hematoma I woke with... READ MORE

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