Over Muscle + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Implants, 270ml Teardrop Over Muscle, Unnatural Looking? (photo)

Hi, I am booked in for breast augmentation for 14/5/12. I am after a natural result in proportion to my frame. After consultation with my plastic... READ MORE

Borderline Needing a Lift. Are Subglandular Silicone Implants Right for my Ptosis? (photo)

I've had consults with 3 PS's and am considering around 450cc silicone implants placed over the muscle. I don't want a lift at this time... READ MORE

Uneven Breast and Areola Position?

3weeks ago A to a B cup, over the muscle 195cc, tear shape implants, lifting and areola reduction. In my pic I point out my concerns blue: hallow spot... READ MORE

Petite Build Finally Getting 365 Cc on, is it Possible to Achieve a D Cup With This Over The Muscle? Will is Look Natural?

After another meeting, I am getting now finally soon 365 cc silicone implants, low height, extra full projection, will be placed over the muscle, not... READ MORE

Uneven Breast After Surgery, and Different Sized Nipples?

A to a B cup, over the muscle 195cc, tear shape implants, lifting and areola reduction. In my pic I point out my concerns white: one breast is lower... READ MORE

M to F Transgender- Anatomical Shape over the Muscle?

This is how I would like to have my implants done when I have them done next month. I am sure there are negative aspects to my decision but I would... READ MORE

Above Muscle Silicone Implants After Breastfeeding; Breast Sag, Ripple, Are Soft. What to Do? (photo)

Hi doctors, I had a BA in 2006. After kids my breasts became deflated, with stretched skin.My ps decided for an over the muscle BA with textured... READ MORE

Difficulty Choosing Implant Size - What's the Difference between 20CC?

Hi, I;m just wondering, in a professional opinion, is there a big difference between 20cc's in a silicone implant? I'm scheduled for a BA on... READ MORE

Can a Small Implant Placed Above the Muscle Look Natural in a Thin Woman? (photo)

I am having doubts between submuscular and subfascial placement. I am a thin woman, which for most PS is a sign to go with submuscular or dual plane... READ MORE

I Got 470cc Low Profile, Over the Muscle, Did I Make the Right Decision? (photo)

I was flat C breast cup before my BA...I had 470cc CUI low profiles,overs implants...Was it a good choice?..take a look at my pictures plz and tell me... READ MORE

Subglandular Placement Smooth or Textured Implants on a B-cup? (photo)

My surgion is going to place the implant over the muscle (my choise), he says that a smooth implant above the muscle will give me CC without a doubt.... READ MORE

Slightly Droopy Breasts - Implants over or Under the Muscle?

One surgeon recommended OVER the muscle 270 cc silicone implants to improve the appearance of my moderately droopy breasts. He felt going UNDER the... READ MORE

I Already Have Silicone Breast Implants? (photo)

Hi as mentioned I already have high profile 375cc silicone by mentor over the muscle. Now I lost the volume up top I want to do another operation with... READ MORE

Is TUBA Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift Safe?

I came across a surgeon website who practices in NY city that states that the doc is an expert in Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) procedure... READ MORE

Are 500cc To Much For Over The Muscle?

I went to 2 diff dr for consults about breast augmentation and im confuse now,,both gave me diff opinion lets see if you can make get the best for me... READ MORE

What are my Options for Touch-up on my Breast Augmentation?

My breast augmentation did not turn out satisfactory. 1. over the muscle [can feel slight ripple] 2. scarring around nipple [this bothers me... READ MORE

Is it Better to Place the Implant Under the Muscle or Under the Mammary Gland?

Hello, I want to enlarge my breasts but I don`t know where it is better to be the implants, under the muscle or under the mammary gland, and why?... READ MORE

Are My Breast Too Close? (photo)

I am worried my breast are to close I am 23 days post op 500 cc over the muscle Is it going to move far apart? Please help READ MORE

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