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Breast Lift and Implants Incision Reopened After Stitches Taken Out?

I'd never smoked, drinked, and I'm not diabetc. I'm health. My breast lift and augmentation look like worst, it reopened after stitches take off. When... READ MORE

4 Months Post Op. Breast Implant Incision Suddenly Opened, What's Going On?

4+ months post op. Within the past few days, all of the sudden, my left breast started hurting. Redness, and a darker brown spot on the incision line... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op and a Large Hole Forming in Right Breast at Crease, Is It Normal? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op; at 3 weeks right side stitiches split at crease; 5 days later it worsen. Went to PS and she clipped verticle stitch, said no... READ MORE

Open Incision 3 Weeks After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had a BA done 3 weeks ago and I slipped 10 days postop and slightly opened my crease incision. I quickly saw my PS an he put me on antibiotics and... READ MORE

Incision Re-open Years Later?

Can an incision re-open years later after surger? If so what would be the cause? READ MORE

My ps has told me he wants to re-open my breast to check implant hasn't ruptured. Is there another way? (photo)

I went back to my ps today who told me he wants to re open my breast to check there is nothing wrong with my implant,he has said if wen he opens me up... READ MORE

Will my scars heal after one has opened? (Photo)

I had my BA 4 weeks ago, about a week ago I got ill with bronchitis, my boobs were healing very well, but I've coughed so much that my left breast... READ MORE

Will my breast fall since I can't wear my bra because my incision is open ? Does cleaning it w/ hydrogen peroxide help healing?

I had a T incision done and My incision has open I was told to clean it 3 times a day with hydrogen peroxide but I don't see any different in getting... READ MORE

Is it normal to have my incision from my breast augmentation open up twice? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck & breast augmentation 10 weeks ago the incision under my right breast opened up about 2 weeks ago my ps out me on antibiotic for a... READ MORE

1 week post BA, scarring is open. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I am 6 days post op, I went 250 CCs from a small A. I have what seems to Be "good scarring" but I feel one side appears to be "open" at the end of the... READ MORE

Incision open 6 months post op, should I see my doctor?

My breasts healed well after my surgery, I had a lollipop lift and 450cc implants. Thismorning I layed on my side in bed, hubby rolled over to give me... READ MORE

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