One Implant + Breast Augmentation

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Feeling Tightness in One Breast 1 Day Post Op. Flexing My Muscle Makes It Feel Better, Is This Ok?

I had my breast augmentation done today and my right side feels tighter then my left.sometimes i tend to squeeze my pectoral muscle and it actually... READ MORE

8 Weeks and Left Still Hasn't Dropped, Will It?

Hi, I had 275 silicone implants 8 weeks ago. They were both the same height right after surgery. My left had more bruising and was my larger natural... READ MORE

If Encapsulation is Caused by Bacteria And/or Body Rejection, Why is It Only on my Dominant Side?

My theory is that I did too much too soon after augmentation surgery - excercise & just daily activities of a busy mom - using, of course, my... READ MORE

Will one breast implant on the left side be enough to fix my asymmetry? (photos)

I scar VERY badly, and so I cannot consider any type of life. Would I be able to have one silicone implant over the muscle through an armpit incision?... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to get my right breast to drop? IS this typical 4 weeks after BA? (photos)

I am 4 weeks out today. My left breast has dropped a ton! It feels and looks good while my right hurts and is very high making it's shape odd. It's... READ MORE

3 months post op, right breast still very high.

Does the pocket need to be released, or just need more time to drop? READ MORE

I have significant shooting pain in the side of my right breast 4 days after Breast Augmentation. What is this from? (photos)

Hi, I had a breast augmentation under the muscle with 330cc MR silicone implants. I felt really good by day 3, but on days 4-5 I have had really awful... READ MORE

I'm going to be getting a saline implant (sub pectoral) in my left breast and I'm concerned about the symmetry. (photo)

My right breast points outward and drops, if I get the implant in my left will it be a lot perkier? I've been researching and some surgeons put... READ MORE

Bilateral implant in assymetric breast?

Hey. I had very assymetric breasts growing up my left one hadn't grown and my right was about 3 cup sizes bigger so had an implant in one and a... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix a shifted implant? (photo)

Would permanent suturing under one breast be the best way to fix this (see photos), or can the BA be redone subglandularly? READ MORE

After exercising at 9 weeks post BA, I have pain and swelling in my left breast, Should I be concerned?

I'm 10 1/2 weeks post op Breast Augmentation. At the beginning of my 9 weeks, I took a 60 min zumba class. Felt fine during class and was wearing a... READ MORE

is it possible to get just one implant?

I had a breast surgery done when I was 14 years old to remove a lump on my left breast and the surgeon who performed the surgery at that time I guess... READ MORE

Almost 3 months post op and Left Breast still larger than right. Should I be concerned? (Photos)

Surgery 12/11/13. I have 385 silicone implants. Not sure why the Left one still seems so much bigger. Could it still be from swelling? Its pretty... READ MORE

One implant is clearly smaller . Can it be made larger to match the other one?

Went to doctor to even out previous implants however I have a feeling he put the larger one on the wrong side and now there is even more of a... READ MORE

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