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Nervous About Having Breast Augmentation, Am I Being Dramatic?

I'm 33 years old and I have always wanted breast augmentation. I have had about 4 consultations starting at age 18, but chickened out. Now, I am... READ MORE

I'm very nervous about a hematoma! I want to make sure I am recovering correctly. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Based on my last picture, here is a picture of both breast to get an idea of exactly how they look out of surgery. My concern is the bruising on the... READ MORE

Flying After Breast Augmentation - Medication?

My breast augmentation surgery was about a week ago, and I plan on taking a 4.5hour plane ride in 6 days. Is it safe for me to travel? I'm a very... READ MORE

BA scheduled in Oct. I want saline Mentor smooth round but I am getting nervous because of things I have read!

I have read saline Ripples only last 10 years and do not feel natural! I am to get mentor smooth round saline implants in Oct! I am afraid of all the... READ MORE

I am 5'10" 145lbs. I am getting a BA at the end of the month. Do you think a D cup would look OK? I'm not getting a lift (Photo)

I am more nervous as I get closer to my date About size. I originally wanted a c but after declining a lift Dr suggested I go with a D. I don't want... READ MORE

Am I bruising or is this a hematoma? (Photo)

Surfwt date was on 8/12/15. Today is 8/16/15. Can you tell if this is normal bruising or is it a hemotema? I go see my PS tommorow but I'm so scared... READ MORE

Will smoking marijuana before breast augmentation cause any problems during my surgery or after?

My surgery is on July 21st. I have my medical card and smoke marijuana because of chronic back pain. I was told by my surgeon I would need to quit... READ MORE

How to make sure your BA turns out to be even and matching?

I'm so nervous , I am scheduling a consult for later this month for a best augmentation with Dr mabourakh in Folsom! I've seen a lot of pictures and... READ MORE

Breast aug surgery tomorrow! Is it normal to feel nervous about my chosen size being too big? It's too late to change now (Photo

I am 42 yrs 130 lbs 5 ft 5 inches. Currently a 34b. I signed off on 500cc extra high profile silicone gel submuscular. I'm so nervous. Feeling so much... READ MORE

Are nerves like mine normal?

Is it normal to be as nervous as I am. Surgery is Wed. I'm 53, 158 lbs. 36 A (if IM lucky) and wanted this forever, but now feeling guilty and very... READ MORE

Should I be nervous to be put under? Is it a normal fear?

I'm 26 & 3 weeks till surgery. I'm nervous, I'm scared and I'm anxious all in one. I've been doing the most research the closest it's getting to the... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a glass of wine night before breast augmentation?

Hi, I am having a breast augmentation tomorrow at 7am, it is now 5.22pm and I am feeling really nervous about tomorrow. Is it safe to have a glass of... READ MORE

Will I be in severe pain after BA and rhinoplasty?

Im scared to death bc the anestesia, and wondering if after the operation im going to be under severe pain if I go for both procedures at the same... READ MORE

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