MRI + Breast Augmentation

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How Accurate is an MRI Scan for Detecting Breast Implants Ruptures Behind the Muscle? (photo)

I had BA in July 2007 and in the last few months, my right armpit is very tender and the skin feels scalded. The breast has shrunk a bit, and i had a... READ MORE

Are Natural Looking Saline Implants Possible for Me? (photo)

I am wanting saline implants due to the recommended MRI every couple of years that comes with silicone implants. I am 5'4" 125lbs, and currently a... READ MORE

I Am About to Get Silicone Breast Implants and I Am Wondering if Patients Actually Comply with the Followup MRIs?

I ask this not only b/c of the cost, but the high odds of getting a false positive. Would it be dangerous to just wait until a symptom arose?, rather... READ MORE

Is an MRI Really Necessary Every 3 Years After a Gel Breast Implant Augmentation?

I don't like the thought of getting an MRI that often. It seems more like a cautionary piece of advice on the part of the implant manufacturer. READ MORE

I Year Post-Op Breast Implants one Breast Has Begun to Swell, Is an MRI the Right Step to Take?

I had breast augmentation a year and 3 months ago, I Am an aerobic instructor and 3 weeks ago the one breast swelled up, I have no pain, an ultrasound... READ MORE

7 years post-op and MRI shows both silicone implants are ruptured? (photo)

Can I get get them removed and new ones put in one procedure? Before implants I'm a A cup. Ruptured implants are 285cc. I do want to go a little... READ MORE

Is getting a MRI every 2 years to check on silicone implants really necessary?

I am considering getting breast implants and I am leaning towards getting silicone implants instead of saline, but ultimately safety is the most... READ MORE

1 year old mentor cohesive silicone implant. Was the left side ruptured from the start and is the pain related?

I had significant bruising in L4-5:00 area postop &6 month f/u I asked about the way it looked when I lay down 3:00 area (L side looks squared off) I... READ MORE

What could this be? Anything I can take to reduce the swelling? (photos)

I've had sudden swelling In right breast accompanied by lots of pain and now swelling and a red lump I have had a ultrasound MRI which showed implant... READ MORE

What could be the cause of pain in the right breast? I had silicone gel implants put in 18 months ago. (photos)

No issues until a few months ago. I'm having cold/burning sensations, intermittent pains and some itching inside my right breast only (your left). It... READ MORE

MRI silicone keyhole? (photo)

Hello, I recently got a MRI to assess the state of my breast implants which I am getting replaced in the near future. While I need to wait until next... READ MORE

How to improve my breast augmentation results? (photos)

Got 300cc Eurosilicone silicone high profile implants sub-muscular in 2010. Soon after noticed issues that haven't changed since. Hoping for 1- less... READ MORE

What is the red flag for a rupture in a silicone implant?

I had breast augmentation surgery 3 years ago. I've had pain on the side of my left breast ever since, but only when I roll over on my left side. 2... READ MORE

Breast MRI shows bilateral hematomas of 193 cc and 58 cc , 11 days after Breast Augmentation with lift. What can I do?

My post op surgeon saw the MRI report and wants to wait. He believes that hematomas will resolve on their own. I have Mentor Siltex round HP 300 cc... READ MORE

Mri scan results show my breast implants are deformed and I have water on my lungs. Should I worry? (Photo)

I am concerned about a rupture and I went for an mri scan. The results come out to say that both implants are disformed.and that I have water on my... READ MORE

Can you rupture your pectoralis major by working out too early? Deformity, pain, loss of shape, and sagging. (photos)

After augmentation and lift I was cleared to work out after two months. I worked out too hard and heard a pop noise in my chest. The breast later... READ MORE

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