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Spitting Stitch - Do I Have An Infection?

My Scar Round my Nipple Has a Hole with a Plastic Stitch Coming from It Its Weeping and There is Bits of Blood Coming from It. im 2 and half months... READ MORE

Im Goin to Thailand (Bangkok) for Breast Agumentation.

I was told by many people who have had breast augmentations in Thailand that after the surgery they give very low strength pain killers that dont help... READ MORE

How Much Money Should I Need For Out Of Town Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck?

Planning out of Town Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck. How Much Money Should I Need?   READ MORE

Submuscular or Subglandular Implant?

I am going to Brazil in July ( I have family there, speak fluentportuguese, and will be staying for two months). I will be getting a breast aug, bbl,... READ MORE

Botched Thailand Surgery - Breasts/Butt/Brow All Need Revision + Advice? (photo)

Had BA, Donut mastopexy, butt aug + brow lift done in Thailand in 09 - went so terribly, revision in 2011 and again in 2012 to just remove everything,... READ MORE

Affordable and Safe Breast Augmentation in Mexico?

I am looking for a breast augmentation surgeon in Mexico. Being that there is a significant difference between the peso and US dollar, I am under the... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Europe for Breast Augmentation

Hi, I'm trying to find a surgeon to do a BA+BL, but information on surgeons in Europe is very hard to come by - virtually no online reviews, many... READ MORE

I have been told I will need a lollipop lift and implant, but now i'm denied surgery. Why? (photo)

The surgeon set a date, time and place of consultation only for the hospital he works at to send me an email the next day saying ...Dr....... advised... READ MORE

Leak after breast implants, should I seek follow up care?

I had a change of breast implants in September 2013 in another country. I have been noticing a discharge from the aureola. It is oily clear no smell... READ MORE

What kind of visa do I need to receive breast augmentation in USA?

I live in Poland and consider having breast augmentation in the USA (better surgeons :)). I wonder what kind of formalities are required. Do I need a... READ MORE

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