Mastopexy + Breast Augmentation

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Which Kind of Breast Lift and Implant Size is Right for Me?

I'm 5'9", 135 lbs and have had (and breastfed) 3 children. I would love to have a breast lift and augmentation without the vertical... READ MORE

How Much Difference is There Between HP Vs Mod + Silicone Implants?

I have decided to undergo lollipop mastopexy along with breast augmentation. I am 5'4 125-130lbs wearing 34C-34D bra with good amount of tissue.... READ MORE

Looks Like a Hickey, Should I Be Concerned? (photo)

I am 4 1/2 weeks post op. I had augmentation and lift. Just the other day I noticed a red mark appear that looks like a hickey. I'm not sure whether... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with or Without Mastopexy? (photo)

I've had consultations with 2 surgeons so far. One said I'd achieve a good result w/ just implants. The 2nd one measured me & said that to... READ MORE

Did I go too small? (Photo)

Hello I am 3 weeks post op with a bilateral mastopexy with augmentation. I got 470 cc on the left and 350 cc on the right sientra smooth round... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Saline Implants. Tear Drop or Round? (photo)

I am looking in to breast lift and implant after having a child 4 years ago. I was wondering if I should do tear drop or round shape. I want to look... READ MORE

Crescent Lift or Full Lift? (photo)

Hi,Im a mother of 4,Im 34 years old and looking at getting my breast back.I have saggy 34c with strech marks.Ive seen 2PS and both had different way... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Mastopexy with Augment. What is 'Better', Lollipop or Donut? (photo)

I have decided to get a mastopexy with 225cc silicone implant under. Question is whether to do the lollipop or donut. What I know is the lollipop will... READ MORE

Is 450 Cc too Big for Me? and What Type of Lift Should I Get?

Im asking these questions because Im going to my docs.. appointment in september but before I go I want to get some info on what is obtainable for me.... READ MORE

1 Month After Mastopexy with Implants I want to do a Detox and Start Working Out, Recommended?

Hello, A month ago,I had mastopexy with augmentation. I had general anestesia and for 3 weeks I took 2 types of painkillers and antibiotics (I also... READ MORE

Mastopexy with implant: Will my nipple placement rotate upward as my implant settles? (Photo)

I was a stage three ptosis two weeks ago wearing a 34 D bra. My PS performed a mastopexy with breast aug (silicone gel implants under the muscle). I... READ MORE

Indents Underneath Breasts? (photo)

I've had an indent on both breasts ever since I had my silicone implants and mastopexy done 4 months ago. It is only evident when I raise my arms up... READ MORE

What Should I Do Now That my Breast Aug. Has Healed and I'm Disappointed? (photo)

My PS told me that I needed a Mastopexy prior to my Mommy Makeover. I said ok and paid for everything up front. After surgery my implants would not... READ MORE

Simultaneous Augment/mastopexy? Or Are Two Separate Surgeries Better?

I had F+ cup breasts, now I have D cup due to weight loss. I want to get my old size and fullness back. I need a lift, but one doctor is telling me I... READ MORE

At Age 46 I Feel That my Breasts Are Starting to Sag. Implants or a Lift with Accompanying Scars? (photo)

My breasts are 34DDs and measure 17cm. There is slight asymmetry, maybe 50cc. I have always liked the way they look and wondered if implants would... READ MORE

PS is Suggesting Revision Surgery and Its Only Been 4 Weeks Since my Mastopexy/augmentation/reduction? (photo)

Mastopexy & Augmentation (480cc saline) with reduction of right breast on 4/11/13. My PS is already mentioning scar revision & correction of... READ MORE

Post-op Mastopexy and Augmentation: Do I Need a Revision? (Photo)

I had a breast mastopexy and augmentation 8 months ago. 375cc, silicon, HP round implants under the muscle. I was hoping for a round, perky breast but... READ MORE

Standard Mastopexy Bilateral?

I just received a quote on my breast augmentation and lift. My breast lift type reads "standard mastopexy bilateral". What type of lift is this... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift and an Implant? (photo)

I sent pics of before breastfeeding, while breastfeeding, and after breast feeding. Do I have to have a breast-lift? I don't like the verticle scar. I... READ MORE

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