Loose + Breast Augmentation

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Will Chest Exercise Increase Post Operative Breast Augmentation Pain?

I'm working out regularly in the gym so my chest muscle are tight although my skin is loose and breast have lost volume and saggy after having baby. I... READ MORE

Fixing Bad Breast Implants? (photo)

I am a single mother on a single income. I had saved to have my breasts done, I went to Tahoe and had them done, they were never right from the start.... READ MORE

One Breast Feels Loose After Augmentation

I had my breast enlargement over a year and a half ago, and just recently, my right breast has just started to feel slighlty loose compared to the... READ MORE

One of my Breasts is Loose and Sliding Around in the Pocket- What Can I Do?

I had augmentation four months ago. One of them is considerably lower than other and slides around in the pocket. How can this be fixed? READ MORE

How to get my breast tighter?

Hi , i'm 20 yrs old female . i have noticed that my breast getting looser with little wrinkles . i don't know whats the reason , sure i don't have... READ MORE

Loose Breast implant keeps moving pain and is lowering and moving to the left. (photos)

I've been having pain in my left Breast it feels loose and hurts when I wear a bra like I don't have crease its lower than it was after I first got my BA READ MORE

Is my breast implant loose? Has it moved? (photos)

3yrs after Silicone implants my left breast, which was always larger, started to feel heavy and strained. PS paid no attention to me. Breast has been... READ MORE

Will I expect to loose a cup size after one week post op?

I am 5'3 118 pounds with a 32 rib cage. I also am a mom who breast feed and had compleat mass loss to the point where the only tissue I had was skin... READ MORE

Would it be to much to get a breast enlargement to a size D?

I am 25 years old I have had two children I started as a size A cup before my child births during pregnancy my breasts would increase to a large C cup... READ MORE

What would you recommend with my loose chest and low BF?

Please help 30. healthy, active never over-weight or lost weight.I eat healthy and strength train. Am a low bf% but chest skin is very thin and loose.... READ MORE

My right implant feels loose/detached, I can feel the edges if I move it around and it often hurts just by normal activity.

I have had my breast implants for a year now and have had this problem for a little over a month. I am right handed. And have a 14 month old daughter... READ MORE

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