Local Anesthesia + Breast Augmentation

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Average Cost of Anesthesia for Breast Augmentation?

I have my consultation on Wednesday and I'm trying to figure out how much the average cost of general anesthesia is because I think I'm just... READ MORE

Risk Of General Anesthetic with COPD For BA- What About Local?

Hello, I have C.O.P.D diagnosed 4 years ago and wish to have breast augmentation. I have read that with low lung function general anesthetic is not... READ MORE

Local Anesthesia (Tumescent Technique) & IV Sedation for Breast Augmentation?

Hello, I'm 41 y/o & l've been searching for a Board certified surgeon who would perform local anesthesia with sedation. I had a consultation with... READ MORE

"Awake" breast augmentation vs general anesthesia. What are the pros and cons?

I'd like to hear PS's share their opinion on the Awake approach to breast surgery (especially doctors in Dallas/Houston areas). Pros, cons, and their... READ MORE

Minimal IV Sedation W/ Local Anesthesia in Seattle Area? (photo)

Hello, I've had couple of consultations in the past. I'm a good candidate for Sub-glandular placement - I have been wanting Breast augmentation but I... READ MORE

Recommended Correction(s) for my Tuberous Breasts? (photo)

Do I have a severe form of tuberous breasts? What would a good surgeon recommend I do to correct them and accomplish full, round A cup breasts? Can it... READ MORE

Is a Local Ok to Repair Previous Breast Aug/lift? (photo)

I'm 10months post breast aug/lift. I received saline 500 cc under the muscle. I went in for follow up yesterday and dr wants to do a revision under a... READ MORE

The PS I Saw Siad He Can Do Aug/lift Under Local, is This Safe Practice?

He states that PS performed under local is completley safe and adds less risk to the patient and cost, I would consider myself very tough, had all my... READ MORE

Is Minimal Sedation W/ Local Anesthesia Possible for Subglandular Placement?

I was told I'm a good candidate for sub-glandular. With my very active lifestyle, and enough breast tissue to cover implants etc. - I want this... READ MORE

Bigger breasts ,

Hi, I'm 39 and I would love to have a boob job . I just wanted to no can you have a boob operation awake, I've got enphercimia that's a lung disease ,... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation About 2 Weeks Ago. I Got the Mentor Textured Memory Gel Implants Placed Under the Muscle 425cc?

Although I know the final results start showing well after 3 months I have decided that I want to get my implants removed asap. They are not for me.... READ MORE

Could I have a BA with just a local instead of general anesthesia?

I recently read a post where a woman was not happy with size and wanted to go larger. Her PS performed the revision with a local which saved her a ton... READ MORE

Implants have not dropped and muscle flex deformity after 6 months. Will muscle release under local anesthesia fix it? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation on July 1, 2014 (6+ months ago). My implants have not dropped and I feel like I have more muscle flex deformity than... READ MORE

Breast aug under local with NO sedation possible? I am a really tough cookie! What type of implants/where should they be placed?

I would like to get a breast aug under local with no sedation. Is this possible? If not I'd rather not do it. If yes I'd do it tomorrow lol. I am a... READ MORE

Is local anethesia with sedation same as twilight sedation?

I have had twilight before and I freaked out. I couldn't breathe in the medicine and was jumping off operating table not able to calm down and feeling... READ MORE

Without an in person exam - can you tell me what has occurred here? (Photo)

Almost 2 months post op - revisionary surgery to fix double bubble on outside of right breast switched to silicone 415cc as well. Now major issue with... READ MORE

What are the odds of waking up in the middle of the surgery?

My BA is scheduled for 5 days from today. I am very anxious about it. Anaesthesia is going to be local with sedation. I have two concerns: will I be... READ MORE

Can breast aug be done without general anesthesia?

A friend of mine got breast aug but didn't go under general anstesia but says she didn't feel a thing and was fully awake . One dr told me that wasn't... READ MORE

Going up 50 or 25 cc under local? (photo)

I am 6 weeks out from getting 250 cc mod plus silcone. They r to small . My ps said he could switch them out for 275 or 300 mod plus . Under local in... READ MORE

My question is about a procedure called SVELT breast transfer. What is it and how much does it cost?

SVELT fat transfer to breast. Review? Costs? Long lasting? Also it can be done without going under, correct? READ MORE

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