Keloid Scar + Breast Augmentation

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Risks of Breast Augmentation for People Prone to Keloids?

I have keloid-prone skin and would like to have implants. Are there chances of hardening of breasts or having breast higher than normal? Do people who... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment for Keloid Scar Post-BA? (Photos)

Currently 4 months post-op from BA with incision under breast 2months post-op, the scars started to grow in size (now the thickness and length of fore... READ MORE

What is the Remedy for Scars After Breast Augmentation?

What can be done to treat hypertrophic or keloide scars in the aureolas caused by a breast augmentation surgery? READ MORE

Is Keloid/hypertrophic Scarring Linked to Capsular Contraction?

I had my daughter by c-section and as a result have some keloid/hypertophic scarring. Does this mean that i am more prone or likely to have capsular... READ MORE

African American Breast Augmentation, Lift, or Both? (photo)

I am the usual suspect, AA, mom of two, breastfed both. The problem is of course I keloid. I have a keloid on my foot from a botched bunioectomy done... READ MORE

Sharp Pain and Possible Keloid Scaring in Left Boob, 6 Months After BA? (photo)

I got my first BA just over 6 months ago. In the left one I get sharp stabbing pains going right through it from time to time. It actually stops me in... READ MORE

If a Person Who is Prone to Keloids Wants Plastic Surgery, What Steps Can They Person to Take Reduce the Risk of Scarring?

I am in my mid 20s and I am a black and native American lady. I am thinking about a breast augmentation. I have heard that radiation and steroid... READ MORE

Textured or Smooth for Asian Known to Keloid and Scar Easily?

I am a 30 yr old asian, 5' , 86 lbs. 32aa going to a c. My dr. recommended 300 cc , silicone and textured, under the muscle. I know that I keloid... READ MORE

How Big is the Chance That U Might Keloid when Getting a Lipo or Breast Implant?

I want to get a lipo and breast implant and I'm worried I might keloid? How big is the chance? Because my skin tends to keloid. I have one on my neck... READ MORE

Do We Have to Have Smaller Areolas?

I am contemplating a breast lift with reduction - I have a K cup breast - heavy and uncomfortable. I will obviously have to also get a reduction. The... READ MORE

Keloid scar developed in cleavage area after breast augmentation! How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 7 months ago, 400cc under the muscle, Months came by and it slowly build up into 4 spread keloid scars , its very lumpy... READ MORE

Uneven and Lopsided Breasts. What Are My Options?

I am 22 years old. When I was 8, I suffered a gash on the underside of my left breast that required 12 stitches. The wound eventually formed a large... READ MORE

Does being prone to keloids increase my risk for capsular contracture after a breast augmentation?

African american. 23. 5'6. 120lb. My c section left me with a scar that formed a keloid. Most of my family have keloidal skin. My mother can't even... READ MORE

Im a 36C, 5'7 and 140lbs. I like my size but wish they were perkier. What are my options? (Photo)

I get keloid scars so i feel if i got a lift it would look horible. What do you recommend i do? Sometimes i just want to get a reduction and then... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Implant?

I have both operation done at the same time, the silicon it was place over the muscle over the months my breast again start hanging my silicon is 180... READ MORE

What Procedure You Recommend in Breast Augmentation? Inscition Wise. (photo)

I already had a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and he suggested a D cup to fill the slight sagging skin after breastfeeding thru... READ MORE

Should I have revision surgery for breast lift & augmentation? (photo)

1st surgery was 12/21/12. Left one has keloid & right one dropping. I have had 4 children, last one born 7/30/12. I am 42 and had a breast lift... READ MORE

Keloids and Breast Augmentation/ Crease Incision?

I have formed keloids on my ears only in the past. I have had three surgeries and the last one worked. We used excision, followed by a kenolog... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend a Doctor in Edinburgh with Experience of Post-op Treatments to Reduce the Risk of Keloid Scarring?

I would like to have a breast lift with implant and understand I have a greater risk of keloid scarring. From my research on this website I see that... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my scar/keloid on my areola incision from breast augmentation? (Photo)

Did this happen because of how my Dr stitched it? Should I consider a Scar revision? Also, as you can see it seemed to be a chemical burn from the... READ MORE

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