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I Have an Inverted Nipple, Large Areolas, and Sagging Breasts from Pregnancy, What are My Options? (photo)

I went from a 36C to a 40F while pregnant, now I am back to a 36C. I now have lifeless, sagging, breasts with extra skin and large areolas with a... READ MORE

Inverted Nipples, Implants and Lift

Is it possible to get all these surgeries done at once with out paying a huge cost for each one as if I got them seperatly? Breast lift, invirted... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Small Compared to All the Other Women in my Family and my Nipples Have Not Developed. Is Something Wrong? (photo)

My breasts are small but I can at least tell they are there but my nipples haven't developed. I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months and we haven't... READ MORE

The Best Natural Looking Option for Assymetrical Breasts and Inverted Nipples?

I'm 19, and since my breasts have been the same size since puberty, I can only assume they're not going to even out. My left is a bigger A or... READ MORE

Want Implants but I have Inverted Nipples and the Areolas are Asymmetrical in Size, Options?

I was noticed I have an inverted nipple on my right breast. What is the best method to correct? I'm planning to get my breast done 350 silicone.... READ MORE

My Surgeon Says No Need to Do Another Surgery. Have You Ever Heard of Symmetry with One Implant Under and One Over? (photo)

3weeks since my surgery,I have been on two rounds of 600 mg antibiotics, 2 rounds of 500MG CEPHALEXIN 4x per day.To reiterate, I had severe capsular... READ MORE

Incision under breast looks odd (Photo)

I am very worried about my incision seems that my breast is square and the incision is retracted ( inverted )It is normal? What I can't do to improve... READ MORE

Can Inverted Nipples Be Corrected by Releasing the Ducts During Breast Augmentation?

I have inverted nipples and i have breast augmentation surgery scheduled for next month. My PS said he could possibly correct it by cutting the ducts... READ MORE

Can you get inverted nipple surgery and breast augmentation on the same day?

& if so would the total cost be cheaper because you only have to go under anesthesia once? READ MORE

Why are my nipples inverting again after having my ducts cut? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover 11 days ago, and after surgery I LOVED my new nipples which were perky and exactly what I wanted. My PS cut my ducts which was... READ MORE

If your nipples are inverted and wanted them to stick out would surgery keep them out or would it be a waste of time & money?

If your nipples are inverted and wanted them to stick out would surgery keep them out...???? Or would it be a waste of time a d money...???? READ MORE

Inverted Nipples During Breast Augmentation?

I have grade 3 inverted nipples and basically have had them since i was born. I'm having breast augmentation surgery next month and my PS says he can... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of getting breast augmentation if you have pectus excavatum and low body fat? (photos)

I am a slim 29yo female with pectus excavatum and one inverted nipple. I am considering breast augmentation (currently 34AA) and nipple correction... READ MORE

Will a breast enlargement fix my inverted nipples?

Hi I had grade c inverted nipples, I had the surgery done which corrected them to a grade a, still not that happy thou, and have talked about getting... READ MORE

I'm 38 years old, 5'6'', 130 lbs. Would you recommend a Breast lift with small implants or T inverted scar? (photos)

After pregnancies and breastfeeding my breasts have gotten terribly saggy. My surgeon explained that a T inverted type of surgery will give me a good... READ MORE

How many surgeries could I get at the same time to fix my boobs? (photo)

I hate me boobs I want to get them evened out , lifted , and I have an inverted nipple on my left side that I would also like to get taken care of .... READ MORE

Wanting breast enlargement but I would also like nipple invention correction?

Breast enlargement and nipple invention correction I am looking to have a breast enlargement but I would also like nipple invention correction... How... READ MORE

My skin is on fire 10 days post augmentation. What is causing it?

I had a breast augmentation 10 days ago along with correction of inverted nipples. Suddenly today my skin feels like it has been severely sunburnt. I... READ MORE

275cc - Should I have Gone Bigger?

I was so flat that my nipples were inverted- I opted for 275cc although my surgeon said most folks go one size larger.I am small-a size 0 and only 5ft... READ MORE

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