Hematoma + Breast Augmentation

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What Are Signs of a Hematoma After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation a little over a wk ago, the implants were placed submuscular, my left breast seems to be slightly more swollen then my... READ MORE

Hematoma in Breast - Will It Clear Up on Its Own?

Doctor has told me that it should clear up on its own should i be worried its making my sternum hurt? READ MORE

Best Way to Treat a Hematoma After Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation 10 weeks ago - at the 5 week post-op mark, plastic surgeon was unhappy with healing and performed a pocket revision for both... READ MORE

Bruising, Numbness After Breast Augmentation

I recently got a breast augmentation, its been 9 days. My left implant has fallen into place I believe, and my right one is still very swollen and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Possible Hematoma 7 Days Post Op?

I had a breast aug w/350cc in both. It has been 7 days post op, and my right breast is fuller and higher than my left. I believe it may be due to a... READ MORE

Should I Have to Pay for Complications After Breast Augmentation?

I am 7 days post-op BA with moderate profile silicone implants 275 cc's placed dual plane. My right breast was a cup smaller than my left but my... READ MORE

Should I Worry About Hematoma? Should It Be Treated?

I had BA 2 weeks ago (Mentor textured silicone implants, 300cc mod+ prof). Immediately following surgery I retained a lot of water around my abdomen... READ MORE

Hematoma 12 Days After Breast Lift and Augmentation

36, non smoker. I had BL & BA w 350 cc gel round. PS used anchor incision. At day 6 post op PS told me light bruising was normal and I explained... READ MORE

BA Post Op Hematoma? (photo)

I underwent BA little over a week ago and I am little bit worried about post op hematoma. My left breast feels different, is slightly larger, sore,... READ MORE

Hematoma After Breast Lift- 13th Day Sudden Bleeding, Pain and Swelling. Should I Worry?

I had 1st an allergic reaction to bandages. Thought this would be all, but no. Now I am having a small hematoma - that is what I was told. I was... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - "Naturally" Draining Hematoma?

Hi, I am currently in Buenos Aires and had 350cc Mentor silicone implants placed in the inframammary crease on Oct 2nd. A week post surgery my... READ MORE

Does Having a Hematoma Post-op Increase Your Risk of Capsular Contracture?

I was one of the unlucky few to develop a hematoma above the right breast one day after surgery. The doctor put me back under, suctioned everything... READ MORE

Can Infection Appear Years After Implantation? Can It Be Inside the Scar Tissue?

9 yrs ago after BA, developed hematoma, it was treated thru surgery & implants remained in, developing cap cont over time in the affected breast... READ MORE

Hard, Bruised, and Swollen 10 Days Post Op.

I had breast augmentation 10 days ago. I had saline implants, under the muscle, breast crease incision. 400 cc left, 375 right. I am fairly slim and... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture After Hematoma and Infection

Two weeks ago I had augmentation. Within 36 hours I had a fever, a hematoma and an infection. At this point the infection and hematoma have cleared.... READ MORE

Hematoma Day of Breast Augmentation, 2 Blood Vessels Bleeding, Why Would this Happen?

9 hours after my breast aug. my left breast start leaking blood. It stopped on my way to my doctors and by the time they put me back into surgery it... READ MORE

If a Small Haematoma is Left Untreated to Breakdown Itself & It Goes Away, Do I Need to Worry About Capsular Contracture?

4 days after BA my girlfriend developed increased swelling on her RHS at the side of her breast & under her arm,spreading around to her back.The... READ MORE

Is It Hematoma/Seroma on the Right Breast or Just the Normal Post Op Swelling? (photo)

I had a BA with 400cc silicone in each side,submuscular placement, 8 days ago.Straight after the surgery my right breast was bigger more swollen and... READ MORE

One Week Post Op Silicone Unders Breast Aug Concerned About Hematoma

1 week ago I had breast aug. Immediately after waking my right side was much more painful & swollen. I'm still in pain on right side & the... READ MORE

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