Harden + Breast Augmentation

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Should I Have to Pay for Complications After Breast Augmentation?

I am 7 days post-op BA with moderate profile silicone implants 275 cc's placed dual plane. My right breast was a cup smaller than my left but my... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Augmentation 7 Weeks Ago and Now I Have Harden and Lumps Under the Incision, Normal?

The lumps are not visible. But if i press on the breast i can feel it. Is this mormal? READ MORE

After Breast Augmentation, Why is There "Morning Boob" Which is the Hardening of Your Breast Tissue?

I just wanted to kmow what causes this and ways to prevent it. Ive seen this term used alot in the BA world. Im 6 days post opp READ MORE

Should I Worry That One Breast Feels Harder Than the Other 8 Months After Augmentation?

I have had a breast enlargement 8 months ago and one seems alot harder than the other?  One has always been harder and feel as though i can feel... READ MORE

Breat Augmentation Revision Due to CC- What is the Best Option, Please Help

I had my first BA 2&1/2 yrs ago(Subglandular,285cc,Silicon Implants). The results were great.Just2months ago i started developing Capsular... READ MORE

Is There Anything to Do to Make CC Less Severe or Does It Only Get Worse? W/out Repeat BA

I had my BA on 3-3-11. about a month later I noticed my left breast hardening n more tender than right. Also, the healing on left side was much slower... READ MORE

I Have Been Having Phases of my Breasts Hardening to the Point my Skins Feels Like Its Going to Split. Is This Normal? (photo)

Im 5ft 2inches, 119lbs. I had 475cc Mentor high profile silicone implants placed under the muscle. I was a large 34 A/small B and was hoping to have a... READ MORE

Will I Have to Get a Redo if my Implant Pocket is to Small? How Can I Tell if This is the Problem?

34 B pre op. 550cc silicone, under muscle. my right breast gave me pain about 3 or so weeks after, then out of no where it began to harden around the... READ MORE

Why After 3 Weeks Post-op Are my Breast Starting to Look Very Asymmetrical? Also, is Hardening of the Breast Normal? (photo)

Hi, I recently had a breast reduction and I'm 3 weeks post-op I have many concerns , first of all now after 3 weeks I have been noticing my breast... READ MORE

Could I Have CC? or is There Something else Possibly?

I was 4 weeks post op when i thought i had CC in my right boob, the bottom right corner got harder in what seemed like over night, now i massage and... READ MORE

I Fell 9 Days Ago and Bruised my Rt.breast. I Am on Plavix and Aspirin. I Had a Complete Hysterectomy 40 Yrs Ago?

I am large breasted and the blood seemed to head towards my nipple. I have a hardened area about 1 inch by 2 1/2 inches. I try to move the lumpy area... READ MORE

Is It Normal 10 Days out of a Breast Augmentation for the Breast to Get Soft then Feel Hard and then Feel Soft Again? (photo)

I am 10 days out and have been experiencing some strange feelings.my breasts will feel like they are healing and getting softer and then randomly it... READ MORE

Signs of a Contracture but Doctors Say NO. Will Massage Really Reverse a Contracture?

Two weeks post op from mastopexy with implants my left breast began to get hard and painful. I went on antibiotics for 21 days. An ultrasound showed... READ MORE

Capsular Contraction-hardening of the muscle?

Capular Contraction- I had under breast silicone implants 1 year ago. Various issues along the way. But now One of my breast feels like it is getting... READ MORE

How to treat Capsular Contracture? (photo)

It has been 7 months I had done my silicone breast implantation. Since two months my left breast is getting harder and harder. I consulted with a... READ MORE

Firm breast implants after 6 years. How can I make them softer and more natural?

I had my breast implants 6 years ago, under chest muscles (300) and I used to have minimal original breast tissue.(AA -> C) My problem is that I... READ MORE

Left breast hard a week after Breast Aug?

Hi again I forgot to state in my question that my surgery was done last week in fort laurderdale Florida now I'm back in ny looking forward to your... READ MORE

Am I experience an earlier stage of capsule contracture after being few weeks away from one year since breast surgery? (photos)

2 weeks ago I experience some pain in my right breast. Then I started to notice change in the look and filling. It seems like the silicone went up,... READ MORE

One breast is harder than other a year after surgery?

I had breast augmentation surgery last year and the Dr. Said that he felt that putting over the muscle was best because I had too little breast tissue... READ MORE

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