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2 Weeks Post Op and One Breast Appears Lower in the Fold Than the Other

I had breast augmentation done 15 years ago and had problems of rippling as well as the incisions kept opening so got them removed after one year so... READ MORE

Inframammary Incision Showing Above Fold

Is It Normal for an Inframammary Incision After Breast Augmentation to Show above the inframammary fold or is this a sign of bottoming out? READ MORE

Planning Revision Surgery After Breast Augmentation - Need Help

I originally posted a question, "Can a lowered inframmary crease be corrected?" Many of you asked for pictures. I had my augmentation back... READ MORE

Breast Implant Has a Knuckle and Fold That is Visible, How Can this be Fixed?

My initial Breast Implant surgery was done less than 3 years ago. My surgeon has indicated that along with rippling from one of my implants, there is... READ MORE

Under or over the Muscle? (photo)

OK I have a few questions about these placements. I really want my breast to sag like normal breast, and I don't want them to be perky. I dont... READ MORE

The Right Implant is Sitting Higher and I Noticed the Inframmamary Fold is Also Higher? (photo)

I had tuberous breasts. Right breast was slightly fuller. I received a sub-glandular breast aug with 275 cc. Immediately after surgery, the left side... READ MORE

Double Bubble 4 Months Post Op? (photo)

I am 4 months post op. I noticed the folds, or edges of my implants at cleavage about a month ago. The double bubble look has been around for about 3... READ MORE

Dr Suggested 420-460cc and I Feel It's Too Big. I Only Have a Small Frame, 77cm Above my Boobs and 67cm Under the Breast Fold?

I want a decent size but I don't want it to look out of proportion, can anyone suggest a good size for my frame? Maybe 360cc? READ MORE

Do I Have Double Bubble? (photo)

I posted a question a few day ago regarding a lift and removing implants because they are bigger than I had wanted. One if the doctors commented on my... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op and I Noticed an Extra Fold. Should I Be Concerned? (photo)

Wondering if noticeable extra fold under breast will go away. It has been 10 days only but concerned. Thank you READ MORE

Self Conscious About Lowered Inframammary Fold... Can It Be Raised Again?

I am a tall, lean girl (21) and just had 270cc anatomical silicone breast implants about 3 weeks ago. I wanted very small, natural looking implants. I... READ MORE

Creating a Mam Fold to Help with Augmentation?

Hello all, I am wondering if any are familiar with RAFT or reverse tummy tuck to create a mam fold and help increase breast symmetry (along with fat... READ MORE

Will my breasts settle with time or is this my final results? (Photo)

I had surgery Dec 18 I use to be a 38 A. My implant size is 533 cc's I really like my size but I am looking for a natural fold since I didn't not have... READ MORE

Why and how do surgeons create new inframammary folds in the breast?

How does a surgeon decide if he needs to create this new fold? is it because the breast sit too low on the chest? how do they create the new fold? READ MORE

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