Flying + Breast Augmentation

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Flying After Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation?

I'm an American who moved to Australia and I had my Breast augmentation done in the states 2 years ago. I am thinking about using my 6 week leave... READ MORE

Are Gurgling and Swishing Common in Silicone Implants at High Altitudes?

10 months ago, I had breast augmentation (silicone). Now, each time I travel to Lake Tahoe, the high altitude seems to have an effect on them. I hear... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Fly After Breast Augmentation & Lift?

I will be travelling overseas for a breast augmentation next week. I plan to stay near my plastic surgeon for 7 days then I will be flying home.... READ MORE

Is there a Risk of Implant Explosion of Breasts During Commercial Flying?

Hello! I had a breast augmentation 1st March last year.Now I am starting career as a cabin crew. Before joining I wrote that I had surgery, also... READ MORE

What Are the Risk with Flying with Saline Breast Implants?

I am a black female in Germany due to military reasons. I will be returning to the states in about 10 months. I am having a tummy tuck and breast... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Fly with a Ruptured Silicone Breast Implant?

I've just found out that I have ruptured silicone breast implants and have silicone outside of the implant shell. I have already scheduled surgery... READ MORE

Implants Make Noise Two Years Post Surgery, Why?

Just took a rather long flight on airplane and I live 7,000 ft above sea level and went to a sea level city. Implants have been making a... READ MORE

Questions About the Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Procedure?

I have been looking into the rapid recovery breast augmentation and am having trouble finding a surgeon even a couple hours near sacramento. Is Dr.... READ MORE

Breast Aug 3 Weeks Ago and Swollen After Flying?

I had a breast argumentation nearly 3 weeks ago, after flying 2 days ago one breast seems to be swollen is this normal? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take a 7h Flight After 1 Week of Breast Augmentation?

Is it safe to take a 7h flight after 1 week of breast augmentation? I will be travelling business class (170 - 175 degrees reclinable seat). READ MORE

Flying After Breast Augmentation - Medication?

My breast augmentation surgery was about a week ago, and I plan on taking a 4.5hour plane ride in 6 days. Is it safe for me to travel? I'm a very... READ MORE

Can I Have A BBL and Breast Augmentation Done by Different Doctors Days Apart?

Now I am looking into BBL and BA being done by different surgeons within days apart. I would like to have my BBL done first, then my breast... READ MORE

Can I safely fly 8 days after breast augmentation?

I will be flying down to Alabama from Alaska for BA, about a 17 hour flight. I plan to stay in Alabama for 10 days including surgery date. About 8... READ MORE

Is it ok to fly abroad after breast augmentation?

I am 50 years of age and have just undergone breast augmentation. Is it ok to fly abroad in a few months time after having breast implants and please... READ MORE

Long Flight After Breast Augmentation?

I live in India and have chosen to have my BA in the UK. But i can only remain in London for 10 days after my surgery (which will be sub pectoral) How... READ MORE

Is it safe to fly 30 hours after breast augmentation (unders)?

My surgery is at 9am and i was planning on staying in a hotel that night and traveling home the next afternoon. I can either take a 2 hr flight home... READ MORE

Is it safe to travel by airplane for BA `surgery?

We having surgery done, prior to that we leaving in 7 days , for 3 hours we'll be in an airplane is that safe READ MORE

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