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Is It Normal to Feel Vibrating, Gurgling, or Bubbling from my Breast After a Submuscular Breast Augmentation?

It almost feels as if the implant is moving down to settle in the pocket, is this normal and if so, how long should I expect this? READ MORE

Palpable Implants in a Thin Woman - Problem or Normal?

12 days post BA - 250cc silicone unders.Today I can feel implants under the bottom of both breasts; the right I can see protruding along the suture... READ MORE

Do Silicone Really Feel More Natural for a Person Who is Touching Them?

I have saline now. one ruptured, and i am having them replaced. my doc wants me to go with silicone. Is there really a big difference in look and... READ MORE

I Think I Can Feel my Breast Implant at the Bottom of my Boob Just Below my Incision?

I think I can feel my breast implant at the bottom of my boob just below my incision.. It has almost a crinkle feeling, just very lightly. I'm 14 days... READ MORE

What's the Most Minimal Breast Enhancement Surgery I Can Do to Enhance Size and Maintain Natural Shape? (photo)

The left breast is smaller than the right and it's less of a tear drop shape which I'd prefer on both. I wouldn't mind increasing the size of both... READ MORE

How Do Implants Feel Natural Feel Under The Muscle?

I have my BA scheduled for May 24th and am really excited. I am completely confident and trusting of my PS. But also getting more anxious because it's... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 3 Weeks Ago, I Can Feel the Edges of the Implant?

I had breast augmentation a little over 3 weeks ago. One of my breasts came down to where it is supposed to be (i think), the other one is on its way.... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op and They Still Don't Feel Natural?

I'm 7 weeks postop silicone 375 unders. They still don't feel like mine, are softer but still unnatural & haven't dropped! I feel like the bottom... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About my Left Breast? (photo)

It Has This Weird Shape to It and Every Now and then I Get a Weird Feeling to It. My left breast has this weird shape to it and every now and then I... READ MORE

I Had Ba 14 Months Ago and Can Still Feel my Implants when in Certain Positions. is That Normal?

I had a breast lift and enlargement 14 months ago and i can still feel my implants when i am in certain positions. Is that normal? READ MORE

Post Butt Augmentation 6 Days - my Implants Feel Funny. Is This Normal?

I am 7 days post op of Butt Augmentation with implants. My implants are under the muscle and I am wearing my compression garment at least 20 hours out... READ MORE

Pain in left breast and can feel implant when I bend over?

I had a ba three weeks ago and am still having pain in the left breast. I can feel the implant when I bend over and it almost feels like I pulled a... READ MORE

I've been told my breast feel hard 4 months after BA with Saline implants. Will they every feel natural?

Had breast augmentation Sept 27. 400cc saline under muscles. Few friends and family asked to touches them and all say they are hard and don't feel... READ MORE

6months post Breast Augmentation, under the muscle; I can feel the edges.

I am 110 pounds 5foot5 , under muscle silicone 260 cc implants 6 months post ba , very little natural breast tissue, I am shocked that I can feel the... READ MORE

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