Fat + Breast Augmentation

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Do fat enhancing creams and pills actually work?

I want bigger thighs and breasts but I don't want surgery. I've heard good reviews for certain products like "get thick" and I'm just wondering if... READ MORE

Can I have an explant with breast lift and possible fat transfer?

What is the recommendation for time to have fat transfer to breasts after explant and breast lift/ READ MORE

Tubular breasts and fat transfer. Is this possible? (Photo)

The severity of my deformed breast has me contemplating on the idea of getting surgery done. Now, rather than implants, I would like to know if it's... READ MORE

Harvest-Jet Breast Augmentation. Is there any plastic surgery hospitals performing this in the United States?

Hi. I am 25 years old woman with no cup sized breast. I've been thinking of fat transfer breast augmentation and found the new equipment called... READ MORE

Breast Asymmetry Correction After Strattice (Fat transfer or another revision?) (Photo)

I had sub-muscular 500cc silicone implants placed 2 years ago and developed contracture in my left breast. Last year, I had it corrected with... READ MORE

My age is 18 years and my height is 6 feet. My breasts are fatty. What can I do? (photo)

My age is 18 years.My height is 6 feet. My weight is 69 kg. My breasts are fatty. What can I do? READ MORE

Can muscle repair and possible fat transfer help my distortion and give shape back to my breasts? (photos)

Only had implants(unders)for 4months, absolutely hated them, they were not for me.(7months post explant)I'm not concerned w/having huge breasts... READ MORE

I want to know all about breast augmentation. Which one is better; fat transfer or silicone implant?

Is breast augmentation is safe and permanent? Fat transfer breast augmentation is better or the one with silicon? Can I breast feed ante breast... READ MORE

Can I have my breast size increased without implants?

I lost some weight and my breast size decreased. i want to increase them so they can feel fuller but i prefer not to have breast implants. i read... READ MORE

Clarifying: Male, 66, I am going to have a procedure to enhance breasts (feminize) - but fat transfer vs implant?(photo)

My last question wasn't clear enough - I am going to have a procedure to supplement breasts (feminize). My question is whether to have a fat transfer... READ MORE

How to control weight after breast augmentation surgery?

My GF got breast implants, and the doctor told her not to work out because the breasts are mainly made of fat and working out would lead to getting... READ MORE

I had a Breast augmentation. He didn't lift the breast and didn't fix the armpit fat. Will my breast look more down? (photo)

My breast was under muscle. If will be more down in the breast nd what I need to do with the fat in my armpit because the doctor didn't fix it READ MORE

I had a breast augmentaion 6 months ago, Silicone. Would there be a reason for them to wavy?

I don't have any photos, but at about month 4 after my surgery I noticed that my implants look wavy when I am not standing straight. I have read that... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer without Brava?

Why do some surgeons swear by using Brava before and after fat transfer to the breasts and others say that it is not necessary? Is it true that the... READ MORE

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