E Cup + Breast Augmentation

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Large Breasts and Implants

Hi, I need some advice. I'm 28 years old with a E-cup breasts, guess they have moderate sag because of the size and being natural. Always wanted... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation too Large, What Do I Do? (photo)

Natural 32D, 5' 6" and 120lbs. After I had 3 children, Got implants (390cc) and looked huge was in 32F bra. Re-done with shaped 290cc over the muscle... READ MORE

I'm 17 yrs old, size 36E. Are my Breasts Tubular?

I am 17 years old and i am not really overweight. I wear a size 36E bra but my breasts sag, droop and i have big nipples. i have no confidence and... READ MORE

I Have Natural 30E Breasts How Much Can I Add Without the Implant Being Visible?

I have natural 30E breasts. I want to add volume to them. However I don't want the implant to be visible when I'm bouncing around during intercourse;... READ MORE

Best Combo of Procedures (Mastopexy, Reduction, Augmentation) for Poor Skin Quality? (photo)

I wear a 32E bra, 27.5 inches round the ribcage. I would like a lift and reduction to no larger than a 32C, but have terrible skin quality and need... READ MORE

How Much Can I Add Before Either Sight or Touch Would Betray the Enhancements During Intercourse?

For both me and my husband, my breasts are one of the most enjoyed things in our sex-life. That said, we'd like more of them (by volume -not quantity)... READ MORE

From E Cup to G Cup, boob job. (photo)

I'm currently having a 34E size of breast and it's not obvious which only looks like a D. My boyfriend does not like my nature 34E and he has wish for... READ MORE

One of my Breasts is 34E and my Other Breast is 34B, What Size Should I Be To Make Them Symmetrical?

I hate my difference and im getting my breast operation i dont know what size is good for me im 5ft 4 i want my smaller one to be bigger and reduce... READ MORE

Looking into Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I want big boobs, around a dd/e cup. I had a consult with a cosmetic surgeon(who has a very good rep) and he has advised 315cc dual plane teardrops,... READ MORE

Areola reduction scars 5 months post op. Does it look normal? (Photo)

Hey, I've always had large natural breast (34E) and large areola's. I decided to have an areola reductions to make them smaller, this was 5 months ago... READ MORE

What size implants will I need approx to go from a 10D/DD - E Cup? (photos)

Hi. I'm currently a DD cup and want to get a BA done to become a full large E cup( maybe slightly bigger - small F) Just wondering what cc a surgeon... READ MORE

Would Implants Be the Only Option for my Breasts?

For years I have felt I have sagging breasts and they do not look as perky and other women's, I can never wear bikinis as I get the feeling people... READ MORE

Will 385cc be big enough for me? (Photo)

Im having ba next week I am having 385cc in front of the muscle high profiles and was told it would possibly make me around an e cup as I am a 32 c at... READ MORE

What can be done to make my breasts larger, perkier and more round? (Photos)

I want my breasts to be bigger but I want them to be perky and round. At the moment I'm not sure but I think they are sagging which I am way too young... READ MORE

I currently have 375cc under the muscle and wanting to go bigger. Is 700cc too big? (photo)

Hi I currently have 375cc under the muscle and wanting to go bigger my bra size is "12e" but I think there to low and not big enough for my chest and... READ MORE

Is it possible from DD/E to a B Cup?

I'm 17, 5'2 and weight 134 lb. I have DD possibly E breasts and I'm gettin the reduces this year. Is it possibly to get down to a small b cup? READ MORE

My breasts still sag after lift. What procedure would be best? (Photo)

Hi, I had a breast up lift without implant 1 year 10 months ago. I feel my breasts still sag, they are quite flat at top I am 36E, is there a... READ MORE

Burning sensation in breast 11 months after Breast Augmentation.

I had 410cc gel implants last February under the muscle going from an B to an E cup, I'm 19 years old never get sick or have any health problems so... READ MORE

6 months post op, one of my breasts has bottom out. Can I be fixed?

Hi, so I'm approx 6 months post op and I am 174cm tall, 65kg, my BWD was 14cm, I was a 10C pre op and have had 3 children (not breast fed) which got... READ MORE

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