Donut Lift + Breast Augmentation

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5 weeks post op of Breast Augmentation, why is my nipple still pointed downward? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op, 600cc high profile, smooth round mentor silicone under the pectoral muscles , donut lift , Have my breast completely drop and... READ MORE

Is This the Best I Can Expect? (photo)

I have posted pics of my results at 16 weeks. I have 550 HP a Donut lift and Internal Bra on both. My breasts appear awkward from the front and too... READ MORE

Best Type of Lift W/ Implants After Partial Mastectomy? (photo)

I am 23 years old,I had a partial mastectomy 1 year ago.The affected breast has filled the space back up with fluid since so it is just a tad smaller... READ MORE

(22yr Old, 5'3, 128 Pounds) Almost 4 Weeks Post-breast Augmentation and Donut Lift? (photo)

Wondering if my breasts are looking "normal" for almost 4 weeks post-op. In my opinion, they look saggy still and I have not seen a drastic change in... READ MORE

I Would Like my Breasts to Have an Attractive Shape with Minimal Scarring, Which Procedure Should I Get? (photo)

My doctor suggests that i get an implant and a donut lift to achieve rounder breasts with higher nipples. This would cause my breasts to be bigger.... READ MORE

Bottom Out + donut lift ? (photos)

I am 6 weeks post op, 600cc high profile, smooth round mentor silicone under the pectoral muscles , donut lift . I can see that my right breast is NOT... READ MORE

Breast Lift? Don't Want Scarring At My Age? (photo)

I don't want scarring at my age right now. I would consider a "donut" lift. My question is, am I a good candidate for this procedure?. I am also doing... READ MORE

22 Yr Old (No Children, 5'3 128 Pounds) 3 Weeks Post-op BA & Donut Lift, Breasts Appear Saggy? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation and donut lift done 3 weeks ago. High profile silicone implants 500cc placed under muscle. I'm worried that my implants... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Breasts? There Doesn't Seem to Be Much of a Change? (photo)

I am 7 wks po. I had a donut mastectomy, breast augmentation with silicone, round, under the muscle 425ccs. My PS and I had agreed on 425ccs for the... READ MORE

7 weeks post op donut breast lift with 450cc on right breast & 400cc on left. Saline. Why did my left boob dropped more?(photo)

Initially my left implant dropped quickly and my right was higher. Now my right one is perfect but my left one seemes to be lower. It seems as if I... READ MORE

I'm 5'6 & 165lb. Dr suggested a Donut Lift with Implants but I don't want a lift. Could I still get the results I want? (photos)

He suggested a donut lift but said I could get away with doing a high profile saline implant. He suggested 460/420 since my boobs are a bit different.... READ MORE

I'm 38 yrs old, 5'4", 120 lbs. Which do you recommend, 350 HP or 304 mod+, to achieve natural looking breasts? (photos)

I put my deposit down for an augmentation. I am wavering between 304 mod + and 350 HP. I am scared of going too large and looking top heavy. I would... READ MORE

Is my scarring 8 months post BA and Donut lift normal? How can I get it fixed? (photo)

Hello, Please help, im 8mths post op, I'm just wondering if perhaps my body reacted to the vicryl or monocryl sutures material and that's why I'm left... READ MORE

Can you provide a professional opinion on how you would correct my breasts? (Photo)

I switched from saline to silicone. I had a capsuloraphy on the right side as well. I am having alot of rippling, edges showing, flatness and the... READ MORE

I had a very slow scar healing recovery. What if anything I can do to improve the look of my scars? (photos)

I am 52 weeks post op. A 'donut lift' was done to my breasts at the same time as 300cc implants. I pushed for a donut lift in hindsight and looking at... READ MORE

Should I get areola reduction? 21 years old, 140 lbs.

I am 21, 140 lbs. no previous pregnancies or surgeries and I am unhappy with my large areolas, I am fine with my breast size and I am hesitant to... READ MORE

Can a breast lift & augmentation be done using the donut procedure & the skin/breast tissue under the arm be removed? (photos)

I lost 110 lbs over a few years and ready to fix what has been left behind. The first surgery I would like done is to get a breast lift & augmentation... READ MORE

What do I need to get my desired breast look? Is it possible? Im 20y.o weigh 56kg have had 2 children and breast feed. (Photo)

Lift? if so which one..donut? Lollie pop? Inverted T? Or do I just need augmentation? what profile implant?and would Round or teardrop suit me better?... READ MORE

Why is my left breast not dropping? (Photo)

I had breast augmentation with 650cc silicone implants and a donut lift a little over 10 months ago. My left breast still hasn't dropped. It is firmer... READ MORE

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