Diet + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Enhancement Foods

I imagine the doctors may think this is a crazed idea, however, can I enhance my breast size by eating certain foods? A blog I found says fennel works... READ MORE

Is There a Special Diet During for Breast Augmentation?

What foods are recommended? Is there a need for extra water intake? Are there foods that should not be eaten during recovery? READ MORE

HCG Diet Before Breast Augmentation

Is it safe to end this right before my Augmentation? My last day taking the drops would be 3 days before surgery. Safe or not? READ MORE

Can I Take Diet Pills 2 Weeks After my Breast Augmentation?

Within a year I lost 150lbs by these diet pills and after surgery i gain 20lbs from retaining water. Well I lost 12lbs of the water fluid but would... READ MORE

What Precautions Are Advised Before Breast Augmentation for someone with a special diet?

I have a very strict medical diet ( e.g. low salt, low fat, no starch etc). Are there any special precautions that I need to make before a breast... READ MORE

What should I eat before and after breast augmentation?

I'm having a breast augmentation in two weeks and I want to prepare myself as well as possible. I have to travel by plane to get the surgery done, and... READ MORE

OK to Go Back on Diet After Breast Augmentation?

I had a BA and lift almost 6 weeks ago. Is it safe to go back on my diet with appetite suppressants? READ MORE

My plastic surgeon has told me I must avoid grapes and grape products 2 weeks prior to my breast augmentation? (photo)

Is this common?I only drink white wine. My husband has had 17 surgeries some of them serious and not one surgeon ever mentioned this to him. Other... READ MORE

How Important is Diet Post Op of Breast Augmentation?

Would it be harmful to fast (abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset) after 2 1/2 weeks of breast augmentation surgery? How does it affect... READ MORE

Do specific foods make your breasts larger?

Hello I'm 14 and I know this is kind of really weird to ask this but there is no one else that will know about health better than a doctor. So I eat... READ MORE

I Am Currently Using a Weight Loss Program and Have Been Told (Not by Doctors) That I Should Stop. Is This True?

I am due to have a breast enlargement in 10 days and I am using a diet program at the moment called herbalife. It includes supplements and meal... READ MORE

Are breast implants still ok for me?

I scheduled my surgery for breast augmentation of Natrelle 410s and then became ill with scary symptoms. Got every test done in the book and the only... READ MORE

Will it be okay to take diet pills 1 month after Breast Augmentation?

I had a areola reduction, implant and reduction, and lift. I was planning on waiting about a month and bit before taking these supplements. I talked... READ MORE

Will my boobs ever get back to how they were?

Hi. im 21 a year ago i took some diet pills idk why when i was already at a good weight but i lost most of my boobs. I was wondering if there is... READ MORE

How can I get the fullness back into my breasts after a rapid weight loss?

I recently had a rapid weight loss due to stress and removing alcohol from my diet. My breasts have completely deflated because of this. The weight... READ MORE

Which is suitable for my breast? (photos)

I want to have vol n am a mother of breast sag s well as this was due to my long comsumption of diets pills which was nt supposed to n that... READ MORE

How do I fit the recommended 120 g of protein into my diet after my Breast Lift/Reduction/Implant without gaining weight?

I'm 19, finally have the most AMAZING boobs I have ever wanted (and it's only 3 days after my surgery). I'm 5'3, 125 pounds, and the painkillers... READ MORE

Is there a treatment that will firm breast tissue? And which one is best? (photos)

I'm 45, fairly fit, have had breast lift surgery, yet want more firm breast tissue. I take hormones, work out, eat organic, high protein and vegetable... READ MORE

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