DDD Cup + Breast Augmentation

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Would Like a Breast Lift and Implants to Increase from DD to DDD, how Many CCs?

Im 25 yo female who had breastfed for one year. I weight 135 pounds and 5'3 height and very healthy. I had laser lipo and looking to get mommy... READ MORE

I am 36DD, 158 pounds after massive weight loss, 5'7" tall, 50yo. How would you create big beautiful breasts for me? (Photo)

I've had total body contouring and facial rejuvenation. Lastly I'll get saline mod profile submuscular implants and then I'm done! I lack upper pole... READ MORE

Do my breast implants look normal for being one month post op? (Photo)

I went from being flat chested to 32 DDD with a pair 700cc high profile mentor breast implants... It is one month post op and they are still sitting... READ MORE

Breast implant. 365 cc gel. (Photo)

I am 8 weeks post breast implant 365. Cc gel. I did it déc. 2013. I was 34 c bra size, now I wanted to buy a new bra and found my size 34 ddd at... READ MORE

Are implants necessary, if so what type and what incision? (photos)

I am 8 months pp.. iweighed 147 i was hospitalized due to complications after birth i was put on ivs wich made my breast have excess milk suply... READ MORE

What is the best breast procedure for me? (Photo)

I want the result to be a symetrical round low profile look with the nipple in the middle and upper pole fullness. I used a tape measure in the... READ MORE

I have big and heavy breasts and it's starting to become painful. What can I do besides surgery or is that my only route?

I just turned 20 years old and I've always had huge boobs and it was hard to find bras bc I was small now my boobs are getting to the point where I... READ MORE

Breast reduction or reduction and augmentation?

67 yrs old, weigh 115-119 up and down very healthy atypical, breast size are anywhere from a 32DDD 34DD depending on mfgr. I exercise regularly and... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a breast augmentation from a size 34DD to a size 34DDD without a breast lift?

I want to have my breasts augmented from a 34DD to a 34DDD without the "boat anchor scar" , is this possible? READ MORE

I want my breasts to be perky & more firm but do not want to go bigger. Should I have just a lift or a lift & implants? (photo)

I'm 20. Large breasts run in the family. I am a 38DDD. I like the size and so does my husband, but I have always wanted my breasts to be more perky.... READ MORE

Is Reduction an Option?

I am 15 years old. I recently just got my breasts measured & they are 36 DDD. They cause me depression & back problem. I'm very unhappy with... READ MORE

My 38 DDD are causing problems. Are they too big for me?

I am 31 n 5'7" weigh about 190. Trouble with neck n sleeping READ MORE

Lollipop or Benelli with an implant? (Photo)

I have had 1 surgeon tell me that I would benefit from a lollipop lift with a 425cc silicone or saline implant, while another surgeon told me that a... READ MORE

I am a 36 DDD, are implants an option?

Afted breastfeeding 3 kids my 36 DDD are deflated and sagging. I want them to be fuller and lifted. I don't want to be smaller...are implants an... READ MORE

How can I keep my breast implants from dropping over time?

Im having a breast augmentation soon and my doctor thinks a DDD would be proportioned to my body with out looking to porn-like. Im worried about them... READ MORE

Will biplanar breast augmentation be worth it or do i need implants WITH lift? :(

Thanks docs for reading and giving advice. I am a 22 year old mama of one whose gonna make sum changes to my body. I am seeking to become a 36DDDand... READ MORE

Which would I benefit more from, a breast lift or breast reduction with a lift? (photos)

Iam 5 x 7 210 lbs i only plan on losing 20 more pounds to be at my desired weight..i am happy with my thickness. i wear a 36ddd in bras and iam not... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a revision and achieve the results I desire? (Photo)

I had a mastopexy and augmentation preformed 4.5 years ago. At first I was really happy with them. I now feel that they are to big for me. I wanted to... READ MORE

20 Years Old with Uneven Breasts: Lef is DDD and Right is A Cup

My left breast hurts me very bad. I only have Medicaid. And I want to know is there a way I could get the left reduced and get what they take into the... READ MORE

Would insurance cover a breast reduction for me?

I'm 22, almost 23. Generally active and exercise regularly. My cup size is larger than a DDD. My exercise is not helping my back pain or breast size.... READ MORE

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