DD Cup + Breast Augmentation

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How Can 30DD Breasts (Professionally Fitted at Nordstroms) W/o a Bra Look Like an A Cup? (photo)

My bra size is 30DD/E, which the wire length fits me 100% and I can fill the cups when "swooped and scooped". However, w/o a bra on my breasts look... READ MORE

Will 540cc Get Me to a DD Cup? (Photos)

Hi, I am 24, 5ft, 123lbs. I am 4 days post-op. I got 540cc saline, under, crease, with high profile. My bwd is 13. Ribcage is 30. My goal is to be in... READ MORE

Can I Get a Fake Look if I Am Already a Natural 36DD?

I'm a saggy 36DD and I want a very round, high, fake look. I know that a lift can make me perkier, but out of the hundreds of before & after... READ MORE

Petite, Naturally Large Breasts for my Frame, Getting Lift and Implants. What Size? (photo)

I am 5"4 and 115 lbs and have large natural breasts most my life. I used to be heavier several years ago, and recently noticed that my breasts are a... READ MORE

Lollipop Breast Lift and Implants in One Procedure?

I am interested in getting a lollipop breast lift and a 370-400cc breast implants at the same time. I am currently a 36DD. I had one doctor tell me I... READ MORE

Looking For A DD Cup Size, How Many CC's FOr Asymmetric Breasts?

Hello. I am having a hard time determining size. I am currently a c in my right breast, and a full B in my left. I am wanting to be a DD. I am tall... READ MORE

Will Implants Correct my Sagging?

I am 25 and had one child when I was 18. My breasts were a 36B pre-pregnancy and blew up to a 36DD during the pregnancy and for the duration of my... READ MORE

I Am 5'2, 112 Pounds & Getting 465cc Gummybear Implants What Around What Cup Size Will I Be?

My Surgery is on wednesday and my doctor and ordered the 465 cc cohesive gel and 520 cc cohesive gel to show me the size of them both he recommended... READ MORE

Going Up in Size - 470cc to 600cc

Im still wondering though that if I am now a DD34 and sitting at 470 ccs that if I went up to 600 ccs how much bigger would my breasts be? READ MORE

What Kind of Surgery or Implants Would I Need?

I am a 34DD, but I want a more fuller look on top than I have now. I want them to look like Jenni Farley's from Jersey Shore. Hers are the same... READ MORE

What Kinda of Surgery Would I Need?

I am A 34DD right now and would like them to be more fuller on top. I am not sure what kind of surgery I would need though. i would like them like the... READ MORE

In a Staged Breast Augmentation/lift, Which One is Best to Do First?

I am somewhat confused whether the breast aug or lift should be done first. I have heard conflicting opinions from doctors. I understand a lift first... READ MORE

If I Went from 470cc to 600cc, How Much Difference Would It Make?

I recently had my breast implants done, I went from a small c/ bigger B to a small DD. However I've recently lost some weight, I noticed that... READ MORE

I Was 40dd with 550cc. What Size Can I Expect After Breast Lift/Augmentation??

I just did a breast lift/ augmentation. I was a full dd to start and did natrelle 45 silicone implant in 550cc. What size can I anticipate being? READ MORE

3 weeks Post Op Size. Will I drop much more? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op with 385cc Silcone HP unders && want to know if I still have a lot more dropping to do && also a little concerned about my size. I... READ MORE

Would the 600cc Mean Double DD's? 37yr 126 Lbs 5'4 Looking for Full/big D.

I need help making this crucial decision as I’m about to make my appointment.I don’t want to regret it in the future. I hear that woman... READ MORE

How Many Ccs Equal DD Cup? (photo)

Im getting a bbl with breast lift with implants in november. I'm currently a saggy 34 n/c (after 90+ lb natural weight loss).. How many ccs equal a DD... READ MORE

Breast Implants on naturally large breasts (photo)

I am naturally a 34DD and would like larger breasts. I like the look of XL breasts and I am wondering if I can achieve this without a lift? I have not... READ MORE

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