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Should I Go with 375cc HP or 400cc HP? Does It Make a Much Difference?

What size is best for me, I'm 5'0 ft and wiegh 135 with 30in ribs 10.5bwm. I've been doing some research and i read that the 400hp is like... READ MORE

Anatomical Vs. Round for a Protruding Chest Wall? Opinions?

5'5, 127. Tubular breast issue on the right. Also a protruding chest wall. I am a 34A now and am looking for a more full look but not very large.... READ MORE

Help with Breast Augmentation Incision Decision

Happy Holidays! I am considering BA to fix my breast asymmetry (as much as possible) and enhance volume. I have consulted a few surgeons but I am... READ MORE

331cc vs. 371cc - I'm Having Trouble Choosing

I'm Having Surgery Soon and Having Trouble Choosing Between 331 and 371 Ccs. I Am a Full B Now. I lost a full cup size with the weight loss and... READ MORE

How Do Other Patience Make the Decision Between Saline and Cohesive Gel Implants?

Hello, I am having a breast lift and would like my saline implants exchanged at the same time as I've had them for 16 years. I was attracted to... READ MORE

Lift or Implants Only?

Trying to decide if i can get a implants with a desired look without implants? i want to add 300cc. my chest is 11 across? what should expect to see... READ MORE

How do I pick a breast implant size (breast enlargement) without having back pain?

I know some women with large breasts who have back pain and I do not want back pain. I am 5 foot tall, weigh 115 pounds and am a size 34A breast. I... READ MORE

If I ask for a specific CC implant. When the surgery is in progress can the dr change the CC amount?

I am 5'2" 24 years old. I am getting a breast augmentation with a breast lift in two weeks. I wear a 34 b and wish to be a DD. I had two children and... READ MORE

How do doctors decide what size implant to use during breast augmentation surgery?

So is it common for a doctor to use his own discretion abut implant sizing during an operation? Is this best left to the patient or the doctor? What... READ MORE

How can I tell which PS is right about my BA revision when their suggestions are so different?

I have multiple complications resulting from a BA in Oct 2008. I have saline 650~CCs unders. I have muscle flexion deformity, bottoming out, double... READ MORE

What cc and profile can I use to get this look? (Photo)

I had surgery December 3 and I love the natural look but I also like them very perky. I am also a mother of one who breast-fed READ MORE

Should I choose 240 low profile or 287 mid profile? 5'4, 110 pounds with some breast tissue (Photo)

I want a natural change and to remain a small person. The difference is 6mm in projection because they have the same width, respectively. Will the... READ MORE

I am finally getting augmentation/implants. Can you help me by answering my questions below?

Outside of reviews and photos (and other obvious things), what should I keep in mind when selecting a doctor? Are there any non typical questions that... READ MORE

I am all set for my BA. How can I decide which size is best for me?

A few surgeons told me 295cc silicon round or 304cc will fit for the best. I know not to measure by cups but speaking of my ideal look is larger end... READ MORE

What type of breast aug procedure would I benefit from based on these pics? (Photo)

I would like to get recommendations on type of breast procedures I would benefit from considering how my breast currently look. I know I would need to... READ MORE

How safe are Mentor memory gel cohesive implants?

Am scheduled for a breast lift and augmentation but tormented on which implant to use. Do not know what health issue it may cause versus saline... READ MORE

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