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Possible to Increase Size While Addressing Sag in Breast Augmentation Revision?

I have a 6 mth post op revision scheduled due to my implants are too low. Is it possible to go bigger at time of revision? My surgeon will be... READ MORE

OK to Have Mismatched Breast Implants?

I had breast augmentation abroad and the submuscular, Mentor cohesive gel implants used are not yet available in the U.S. I now need another breast... READ MORE

Tips for Best Results After Capsulectomy?

December 2009 Breast augmentation to a full B size with Smooth Cohesive gel implants & under the muscle. Dec. 2010 I received an open Capsulotomy-... READ MORE

Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. What Are the Chances This Could Have Spread?

I have been to several doctors regarding my breast issues. The PS I saw last thinks I have ALCL.The previous PS got the surgery authorized but he was... READ MORE

Second Capsulectomy, Need Second Opinion?

Hi, I had breast augmentation January of last year; April of the same year I had capsular contracture on my left breast so I had a capsulectomy ( Same... READ MORE

Breast Capsulectomy Dangerous if Not Fixed?

I had surgery june 25 2012 and one breast is harder than the other. I feel like they didn't drop good. Dr said its breast capsulectomy; is that... READ MORE

Do my nipples look normal? (as far as placement) Overall do breast look normal? (photo)

I'm about 4 weeks post op. I went from over the muscle to under with a capsulectomy performed on my right breast. Also my nipples were taken in. Do... READ MORE

Are There Any Dangers To Taking Serrapeptase?

I am 8 months postoperative following Implant exchange due to deflation of right breast caused by contracture(surgery1998). Implant exchange surgery,... READ MORE

Urgent Plea to Be Seen ASAP by Surgeon in DFW Area? Judge Me! Yell at Me! Bill Me! But PLEASE Treat Me...desperate!!

I have a growing untreated abscess on the underside of my right breast. I believe this is a result of painful, undissolved stitches following a... READ MORE

is going bigger a mistake? 380-550 or 600

I was a 34 b pre op and now have 380 cc saline under the muscle TUBA , my right implant is sitting too high still a year later. Im getting a... READ MORE

Results after capsulectomy, pocket still doesn't match other side? (photo)

During my capsulectomy, my dr removed quite a bit of scar tissue on the outer side of my breast. I was told this would make my breast drop and I would... READ MORE

Placing a drain when performing the 1st surgery would have prevented the 2nd surgery?

Capsulectomy performed without drain placement. 24hs later the breast had to be drained, the implant removed and new cauterization performed. Why the... READ MORE

Should fluid build up after breast explantation be left to dissapear on its own?

I recently had a breast explantation with capsulectomy removal. Since the operation i have a build up of fluid inside them, i can hear it moving about... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post op and my breast is still very sore to the touch.

Below is a link to my previous question with photos. My doctor never mentioned anything other than having a capsulectomy before I went in to... READ MORE

I just had a capsulectomy, now I'm concerned about sagging.

Two years ago I had a BA, over the muscle, high profile silicone implants. Both breasts capsulated. Yesterday I had a capsulectomy, with reinsertion... READ MORE

Capsulotomy OPEN or FULL BLOC - second time this has happened

Am based in the UK. I started with Tubular Breasts and after my first capsulation I went bigger and now they have capsulated again. My surgeon is... READ MORE

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