Cancer + Breast Augmentation

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I'm Thinking of Cancelling my Surgery. Research on Breast Augmentation is Giving Me Many Concerns.

I read one article that talked about how a large percentage of women have to have a revision within 5 years because of capsular contraction,... READ MORE

Can Tight Bras Cause Breast Augmentation Complications?

There are a lot of studies that conclude that lymphatic constriction caused by tight bras can cause cancer. There are also articles that state poorly... READ MORE

Is a Breast Aumentation with a Subcutaneous Mastectomy (Preventative) a Reasonable Consideration?

As far as a cancer probability reduction? I have an aunt that past away from breast cancer. READ MORE

Mammogram & Breast Augmentation. Can Implants Obscure the View During Mammograms?

My question has to do with breast cancer detection and augmentation. When I had my last mammogram the radiology tech said that the implants can... READ MORE

breast augmentation and bcc breast cancer.

I had augmentation done with silicone implants over thirty years ago. Now i have a number of bccs, basal cell carcimonas coming through the top of my... READ MORE

Would I have to remove my power port to get a breast lift and augmentation? (photo)

My doctors won't remove my port because my cancer was metastatic (I beat I for now though!) and he believes that removing the port so soon after the... READ MORE

Can extremely dense breasts hide cancer/tumors in the breasts with implants?

I was scheduled for breast implants in feb 5, 2014 but I'm not so sure after having a mammogram today. The technician let me know I have extreme dense... READ MORE

I had a lumpectomy years ago and didn't consider breast aug then. Would it be covered now?

I had a lumpectomy due to cancer on one breast 8 years ago. Now I have lost a lot of weight and the size difference between both breasts is quite... READ MORE

Are these symptoms from my capsular contracture or do I have cancer? My PS says I'm too young to have cancer. I'm 25 (Photo)

C.C. on both but exp. leaking clear fluid from my L nip when i do compress massages or lay on my chest. told my PS about my concern&skin condition on... READ MORE

What is your opinion of getting a breast augmentation with breast cancer in family background?

I've been considering a breast augmentation. My only concern is there is quite a bid of breast cancer in my family background. My mother had a single... READ MORE

Does the Brava or Noogleberry system cause cancer?

Having had Lymphoma i am now in remission but having lost a lot of weight i was wondering if it would be safe to use a breast enlargement system such... READ MORE

Would lifting my left breast make them look more proportionate, even though it will still be a bit larger? (Photo)

2 weeks post op. Breast Augmentin revision 12 years after cancer because left breast was significantly smaller. Not sure why my surgeon didn't lift... READ MORE

What can I do to get smaller breast? Does the pills work?

I'm 24 years old cancer patient, I have a 34DDD cup breast and I was wondering about breast reduction pills. I am not able to have the surgery do to... READ MORE

Studies showing implants do not interfere with detection, delay diagnosis or mortality?

Many doctors on this site refer to studies which say rates of detection and the timing of detection for breast cancers in women with or without... READ MORE

Breast aug 28 yrs ago. After an annual mammography Dec 2014, some pain my left breast. Could it be cancer?

A MRI in Feb 2015 showed left breast leakage. The MRI showed: Large "L" implant intracapsular leak and Small "R" implant intracapsular leak. I have an... READ MORE

Is this capsular contracture or could it be cancer? I am scared. I have no unusual lumps (can feel rubbery ducts by areola tho)

I had a baby 4mo ago and bfed for one month. I had breast implants in 2002 and Since I stopped bfeeding I noticed that my left breast feels slightly... READ MORE

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