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BWD 15.5 Cm. What Size Should I Go to with a Moderate Plus Silicone. I Am 5'3" and 118lb.

My BWD is 15.5 cm, weight 118#, I am 5'3", and ribcage 31". I want to go with a Mentor Moderate Plus silicone but don't know how... READ MORE

High Profile Implants 1cm Less Than BWD, Will They Look Unnautral or Create a Gap?

My doctor recommends a Silimed 335cc high profile silicone implant (width: 11.8cm, projection: 4.1cm), submuscular placement, when my BWD is around 12... READ MORE

Should the Plastic Surgeon Take Pre-op Measurements of Your Chest?

When you go in for your sizing before surgery to get Breast Implants, should the Plastic Surgeon take measurements of your chest area? and If it... READ MORE

BWD, How Important is It in Choosing Size?

Im having ba in 2 weeks, Ive seen my PS twice but never measured or talked about BWD and he will be using Allergan Natrelle Style 15 (Mod+) under the... READ MORE

What is a Large Volume, but Low Projection Breast Implant Going to Do for Me? (photo)

I have a very broad chest with a bwd of 17cm. I am trying to decide what size implants to go with and I am confused as to the volume because at some... READ MORE

Three Different PS, Three Different BWD Measurements. I Am So Confused!

Though each of these surgeons came within a cm or less of each other's measurements, the varied results have left me puzzled. The first said my... READ MORE

BA and Uplift with Large BWD, What are my Options? (Photos)

I'm having a Breast Augmentation lollipop lift. My BWD is 15cm. My surgeon has told me that the largest cc I could go to will be 335cc with a... READ MORE

What is the Importance of BWD? Trying to Understand. How Much Smaller Than Your BWD Should You Go? (photo)

How important is it to match the implant to your exact BWD? My bwd is 12.5cm, but I want a small implant. I really hoped to have an implant of 250cc... READ MORE

Breast implants exceeding BWD? 34A, 5'7, 120lbs, 11.5 BWD, desired full C cup, natural look.

I have been to several consultations for breast augmentation surgery. Half of the doctors have measured my bwd (11.5), and advised to stay within a... READ MORE

Breast Implant Moderate Plus Vs Moderate?

Hello. I went to my first consultation a few days ago. The PS said my BWD is 13 and that a moderate profile plus at 425cc would fit my body. I am... READ MORE

What size implant would you recommend based on my wider BWD and ribcage measurement to obtain a full D in bras? (photos)

Hello, I am wanting a second opinion after meeting with my surgeon. After doing lots of research, I realized that I like the shape of a natural breast... READ MORE

I have a bwd of 13 cm and my breasts are close together. How important is the base width of the breast implant? (photos)

I have a bwd of 13 cm and my breasts are close together. I am set on having small breasts and have tried on 200 Cc sizers and love them! How important... READ MORE

Different doctors, different BWD measurements. Which one to trust?

I've been to 5 different surgeons, and they have all given me different BWD's. The two PS's I've narrowed my choice down to have my BWD differing by 1... READ MORE

What do you recommend for size? And anyway to "decrease my gap" I would like to be a full C. (photos)

I feel like I have a pretty large gap between my breasts .. is it bigger than average? I am so worried about it!!! My BWD is 13cm. I am contemplating... READ MORE

Would a Mentor saline mod + 400cc shell filled to 425cc's be a good choice for someone with a BWD of 13.5 and 14? (photos)

I had my PreOp today & decided on 400cc saline mod+ unders filled to 425 to reduce rippling. I love the size, Im just afraid that the implant diameter... READ MORE

Can I push for my PS to go for the 350cc? (photos)

I love the look of 350cc sizers on me, but I think my PS is hesitant to go with them.. He said he will TRY 290, 320 and 350 sizers in surgery, but 290... READ MORE

My BWD is 13.5 and 14. If I choose an implant that is 13, will this leave me with an unnatural gap?

My BWD is 13.5 and 14. If I choose an implant that is 13, will this leave me with an unnatural gap? I have three cm between my breasts now and I do... READ MORE

What is the largest implant that I can get with a 10.5" BWD?

I have the Natrelle style 20 325cc & 350cc. I am curious to see what would be the largest that I can safely go to fit my small BWD if I choose to... READ MORE

How limited am I by my starting anatomy? (Photo)

I have a pre op appointment in a couple of weeks where I'm supposed to bring wish pictures. I'm afraid, though, that my expectations are unrealistic... READ MORE

I'm 28 yrs old mom, 5'8, 155 lbs. Will 450cc be enough?

I am 28 year old mom of 2. I am 5'8" and 155 pounds. I have a 12cm BWD. I breastfed both of my children and blew up to a 38DDD and am now a very... READ MORE

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