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Reason for Pain and Constant Discomfort in Breast?

August will be 2 years since I have had my breast augmentation. I chose silicone implants. Since then, my left breast has had painful sensations along... READ MORE

Burning in Sternum After Breast Augmentation

Is it normal to still have a burning sensation in my muscle near my sternum 7 months post? It just happens to be on my breast that has slightly... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Implant Surgery Pain In Left Breast, Is This Morning

I started experiencing left breast pain in the lower right hand region of breast aprox. 1 to 1 ½ weeks ago with the pain worsening. Seems to be... READ MORE

I Still Have Pain 8 Weeks After BA when Does This Go Away

Still have pain especially under right arm pit/ feel burning sensation in right breast READ MORE

Why Does my Chest Feel Like Its on Fire?

I am 2 weeks 3 days post op. I did great the first week but now for the last 8 days my chest feels like A sunburn of a lifetime my bra feels like... READ MORE

Burning Sensation in Breasts 3 Years After Breast Augmentation?

I have a BA 3 years ago. I am now having Discomfort in both breasts. It is a burning sensation and it comes and goes. I also have other pain and weird... READ MORE

Burning Sensation And More Swelling in One Breast a Week After BA, is this Normal?

Is it normal one week after breast augmentation surgery for one boob just to have a burning sensation and more swelling than the other? READ MORE

3 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation and Pain/Burning in Right Side?

I am having pain 3 months post op breast augmentation and have already 1 seroma in my right side. almost like a stinging numbness burning on the top... READ MORE

Is Burning, Tightness and Stretching Feeling Normal After Lipo?

I am a 36 year old overall healthy women. I had BA surgery and lipo of my abdomen, sides and back done 23 days ago and my sides and back feel very... READ MORE

Burning Sensation After Surgery?

I am 20 days post-op from a breast lift /augmentation. I had an anchor incision with saline implants behind the muscle and lipo to the underarm areas.... READ MORE

What is the Cause for Burning Pain Under Right Nipple?

I am 5 days Post op and had 270cc's saline implants placed under muscle. Ever since last Thursday night I go to bed propped up and I end up being... READ MORE

Clicking Sound and Burning Sensation Between Breasts

I have a burning sensation between my breasts. When I press, there's a clicking sound. I am 5 days post op from TABA MR. It is worth noting that only... READ MORE

Areola Reduction: 4 Months and a Half Post Surgery, Small Area Still Infamed. Do I Need to Worry?

Hello to all of you, I had the areola of my left breast reduced. I don't think the dotor used permanent sutures as the incision line is smooth.... READ MORE

Intense Burning Under and Around Crease Incision, Constricted Breasts, is This Normal?

Hi Docs. Me again. I had tuberous constricted breasts and my PS had to lower my crease. 90% of my pain is under my incision. I can't use my abs at ALL... READ MORE

What's Wrong with my Right Breast? Please Help? (photo)

I got my BA in Dec 2012. Originally, I had beautifully shaped small breast. At three months post op I had a burning in my right boob and it looked... READ MORE

Burning in Breast 5 Days PO?

I am 5 days PO and was doing great until tonight. I have a burning along the inner part of my left breast. They are still considerably swollen but... READ MORE

Pain/Burning Feeling After Breast Augmentation Performed in 2007, What has Happened?

I had an augmentation in 2007, I have high profile implants 750cc. My left breast lost some sensation and there is a part of my areola that appears to... READ MORE

Uneven Size and Appearance After Uplift and Implants?

I had an uplift and implants in june 2012 and I am not completely happy with the outcome. I feel that they are lopsided and one is larger than the... READ MORE

Is It Okay That the Steri Strips Aren't Fully Covering my Ba Incisions? (photo)

I noticed today (day 6 post op) that I have a burning sensation in both of my crease incisions of my BA. I took a hand mirror and peaked at them and... READ MORE

Burning Pain in Nipple?

I'm five days post op and for the pass three days my right breast nipple has a burning pain when ever I sit completly up or stand. Some times it even... READ MORE

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