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Is It Normal to Feel Vibrating, Gurgling, or Bubbling from my Breast After a Submuscular Breast Augmentation?

It almost feels as if the implant is moving down to settle in the pocket, is this normal and if so, how long should I expect this? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Rippling of Silicon Implants on the Entire Breast?

Augmentation - 7 months ago. I was a 32 A and I had 375 ccs of silicon gel to put me at a 32 dd. The surgeon placed implants under the muscle. I am... READ MORE

Vibrations and Bubbling in One Breast One Year After Op

Had breast augmentation almost one year ago. All fine, until last 2 days i feel a kinda bubbling, vibration in the side and under my left breast. READ MORE

Double bubble bilaterally. What should I do? (photos)

Received BA in 01/13 475cc. I had tubular breasts pre op. I went all the way to Alabama from NYC bc of costs. I have a horrible double bubble and... READ MORE

BA About 2 Weeks Ago, Squishy Almost Bubble on Left Side of Breast That is Sore?

I had my ba done almost 2 weeks ago. I got 525 mod+ silicone. I have a small frame, started 32a..5'8 125. I have this squishy almost bubbly on the... READ MORE

Feel a Bubble in Rt. Breast 2.5 Years Post-Op Breast Implants, What Should I Do?

2&1/2yrs since BA,I have 375cc modert+cohesive gel under the muscle.I felt a bubble under the fold by the crease when touched.Have pain when... READ MORE

Right Side High and Bubble Felt at Corner of Incision?

I am 2 weeks out Submuscular silicone implants. Left side has dropped and is fine. The right side is high still. And at the lateral corner of my... READ MORE

On Going Strange Sensations After Breast Lift & Aug?

In 5/2009 I had breast lift & small implants to give upper breast fullness. Prior to surgery i had pendulum breast wearing a 38dd bra 24... READ MORE

Is my incision site normal? (Photo)

5 weeks post BA I'm a little concerned about my incision site. White area rest looks ok. I also feel a little bubble like underneath it. My surgeon... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this bubble? (photo)

The lines you see are from my compressed bra which I use every night to see if it will go away! But every day they get worse! I have them over the... READ MORE

Can you knock a breast implant out of place?

I'm 3 weeks post-op....I went for a light jog....until I felt a small shift....Now, I can feel a small 'gas bubble' near my mammary fold. Maybe, it's... READ MORE

I had a bubble on my incision which burst, and I can see the implant. Should I see my surgeon immediately? (Photo)

2 days later and now i can see the implant. I called my surgeon emailed pictures on friday and now they are making me wait until monday to go in and... READ MORE

Is it normal 5 week after breast aug to feel like there is fluid in breasts?

I had my surgery 5 weeks ago and everything as gone fine. A week ago I felt a watery/bubbly sensation when I was laying on my side. Then I bent down... READ MORE

I have bubbles that I can push around inside my augmented breasts 5 months after my op, what are they?

I have ripples on the outer part of my left breast & bubbles under both nipples that I can push around (these are not teeny bubbles but large - 1cm x... READ MORE

how long should I wear surgical bra? (photos)

I have had 3 months ago surgery and my surgeon recommend me to wear surgical bra for 1 year! but it is not comfortable specially at nights .if I'm not... READ MORE

Should I still have light redness/bubble when I touch breast? Breast Augmentation Saline (Photo)

I been having a slight redness on my cleavage area on the breast NOT around areola "stitches are fine". its not supper red,I can see redness under my... READ MORE

Possible rippling? Noticeable popping and crunching on the underside of my left breast. Seeking advice. (photos)

My question is regarding the rippling/ bubble under my breast tissue with my implant on my left breast. It has gotten bigger and more noticeable in... READ MORE

1 year after BA. Left breast feels heavier than right, and a little warm. They look great on the outside but feel uncomfortable.

Recently my left breast feels heavier then my right. I notice it more when I bend over. I'm also experiencing a little warm sensation inside the left... READ MORE

I still have bubbly breasts. What can I do, who can I see about this?

I had 425cc teardrop implants, dual plane almost a year ago. If I cup my breasts I can feel them pop under my palms. I recently had a scan done & I... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Breast lift, I have bubble underneath. I am going to need a revision or will this heal ok? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post op, underneath my right breast it feels like maybe A stich came out inside. I want to push up that spot and hold it. I am going to... READ MORE

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