Breathing + Breast Augmentation

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Shortness of Breath After Breast Augmentation

I have had implants for a month, and a week after i began having shortness of breath. I can't take a deep breath and feel like my chest is burning.... READ MORE

Post Silicone Breast Augmentation: Are my Implants Being Rejected?

Post silicone breast augmentation, my sleep pattern has been shot due to being told to sleep on my back {which is like asking the elephant man to do,... READ MORE

Silicone Implants - Chest Pressure Caused By High Altitude?

I had my silicone breast augmentation a little over a year ago and have been completely in love ever since!! However I recently went to the mountains... READ MORE

Is This Normal? BA 3 Days Ago Today Noticed Implant Moves When I Inhale?

I just got a breast augmentation 3 days ago, and its under the muscle, I havent had any problems but today I noticed that when I inhale deeply my left... READ MORE

How to Sleep After 5 DAYS Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Severe abdominal distention difficult breathing READ MORE

Why do I have a sharp pain in my chest on left side under implant when I breath in?

Hi I am 3 1/2 weeks post op breast aug, silicone ps used the dual plane technique n my breast look great! but I am feeling a sharp pain... READ MORE

Is this normal after breast surgery? (photo)

After my breast augmentation I noticed my chest bone sticking out on the right side, also have pain when breathing in and out slightly. Causes breast... READ MORE

Is it a problem if left breast is high and swollen giving me a pinching sharp pain when I breathe? (Photo)

I got a breast Augmentation 10 days ago and my left breast is swollen and I get a stabbing pain in what feels like the lower left of my cleavage under... READ MORE

I've had breast augmentation of 360cc 9 days ago. Why is my left breast sore when i breath?

My right breast is totally fine! but left is very sore when i stretch in any light form or breath deeply , also quite sore to press on!? READ MORE

3 weeks post op and still a lot of pain in left breast. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post op, things started to settle but now, especially when I sit up or 1st thing in the morning I have horrendous pain in my left breast... READ MORE

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