Breast Milk + Breast Augmentation

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Still Producing Breast Milk. Is It Safe to Undergo a Breast Augmentation and Lift?

Its been 11 months that i havent been breastfeeding now, but i still have breast milk. after giving birth in a 1 yr period i lost around140 pounds..... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Milk to Leak After a BA?

I had a BA about 2 weeks ago; I have had 3 follow up visits with my PS and everything is good! My left side has been slightly more swollen and sore... READ MORE

Can I Drain Milk After Breast Implant Surgery?

After a few weeks of my implant surgery, one of the ends where my doctor cut is not closing and it's draining white water with a smell of milk. I... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Cause Me to Have Breastfeeding Problems when I Decide to Have Children?

Will breast augmentation cause me to have breastfeeding problems when I decide to have children? What are common problems? Are there milk production... READ MORE

Pills to Dry Up Breast Milk Before Breast Augmentation?

Im having a breast lift and aug, in about 1 month. its been 12 mo" that i stopped brest feeding.i still have breast milk wen i pinch my nipples.... READ MORE

How do I stop my breasts from leaking milk?

I stopped a year & a half ago, but I'm still spontaneously secreting breast milk from both my breasts, so now I wear breast pads. My breasts leak... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Surgery Lead to Problems Later on with Breastfeeding?

Does this surgery cause breastfeeding problems? Will a baby have trouble latching on to the nipple? How does it affect milk production? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Breast Augmentation with a Small Amount of Milk in Nipples?

I have had a few drips of milk in each breast for yrs. I am having a breast augmentation under the muscle in the crease. Is it safe? I am hearing yes... READ MORE

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Decrease Milk Production?

Do mothers suppliment more than half of what their baby needs? Does this depend on each case? Will a doctor know about what to expect or should... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgical Procedure to Stop the Production of Breast Milk to Save the Look of my Implants?

Hello, doctors. I am 22 yrs. old considering breast augmentation the only thing holding me back is the likely chance of children and the effects it... READ MORE

How long is it normal to produce breast milk after surgery?

I had my BA aug 29, I had a rare side affect of producing milk (no funky smell, or green fluid), I have now stopped producing white milk but if I... READ MORE

When Numbing the Breasts for Augmentation, Do Any Milk Ducts Get Punctured? I Have Milk in Nipples. A Very Small Amount?

I have decided to have a breast augmentation, despite the fact that I have a very slight amount of milk in nipples. I have asked my dr. to use... READ MORE

Leaking breast milk and stitch abscess. How can I treat the wound from the access?

Ok so last week I told my PS I had breast milk leaking from my nipple and out of where I had my stitches on my right nipple only. They called me in to... READ MORE

I have a tiny bit of clear milk. Is it ok to undergo breast implants and breast lift?

I stopped breast feeding three months ago and only have a tiny bit of clear milk left only if you squeeze them is it ok to undergo breast implants and... READ MORE

Would a BA make me look the same as when I'm full of breast milk? Or will they look slightly different?

Im getting my baby off the boob, and they are huge ....just wondering if a ba will give the same look ?or will they look slightly different? READ MORE

Is it normal for breast milk to be coming out after an augmentation?

I get milk sprouting out occasionally even though it doesn't hurt. 25 days post op READ MORE

Can I get my capsular contracture removed a month after I stopped breastfeeding, once my milk is dry?

I have a capsular contracture on my left breast that formed 4 years ago. I had a date set to remove it, and also get a TT and Lipo on the arms. On the... READ MORE

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