Blood + Breast Augmentation

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2 Days After Mastopexy and a Breast Augmentation; Hematoma Maybe Seroma? (photo)

I say maybe seroma because I have a lot of fluid draining still. Today 6-21-12 I got freaked out after squeezing several blood clots. This is in the... READ MORE

What's Causing Red Blotch Under Breast After Breast Augmentation & Lift?

I had my surgery 5 days ago under my right boob I have a red blotch, it's looks like a's clearly blood under the skin, it's... READ MORE

Possible Breast Infection, How Do I Know?

I had a breast lift along with implant surgery about 2 weeks ago.Yesterday while at work I kept noticing this weird smell.Once I came home I took a... READ MORE

I Feel I Didn't Give My Breasts Enough Time to Heal Before Going Back to Work? Breast Wound is Visible and Yellow Drainage.

Please help I have an issue with my right breast after I have had breast augmentation with a lift around two weeks ago, my left breast is healing... READ MORE

Is It Okay That my Periareolar Incision Looks Like a Crease Incision? Whats the Best Way to Heal the Areola Scars? (photo)

Im post op 2 weeks. My ps told me i can take off the bandages whenever i feel like. So i did last night. Im a little concerned. My areola incision is... READ MORE

Stitches Taken out After BA, Dried Blood at Incision Area?

My PS took out my stitches/bandages today at my 21-post-op day visit. She told me all was well and I was healing fine. I then went to work. I was... READ MORE

Bloody Discharge on Incision Site Around my Right Breast?

I am 2 weeks post op today and woke up with bloody discharge on one side of my right nipple incicion, I took a shower and it still continues to leak... READ MORE

2-3 Drops of Blood from Incision Site 7th Day Post Op?

Hi. i am 7 days post op. .BA silicons. .overs.. my dressings were removed on 5th day. since then i am applying neosprin on my wound. today i noticed... READ MORE

Blood Stains 2 Days Post Op Breast Augmentation. Is This Normal? Please Answer, I'm Freaking Out. (photo)

I am so nervous. I suddenly see these blood stains. I have had a swelling chest, so doctor told me to remove the surgical bra for a few hours each day... READ MORE

Should I pull out the nylon which is sticking out of my nipple? (Photos)

I am Po 18 days. Nipples look great after breast augmentation plus nipple lift, but today while I was bio oiling, my finger ran over a piece of sharp,... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation 1 Month and 2 Weeks Ago. Blood Came Out Of Incision and Left Breast Has Been Hurting a Little? (photo)

Today a little pinch of blood came out of the incisions (which seemed already closed) of my left breast and it has been hurting a little. I'm Scared..... READ MORE

Opened Underarm BA Incision. Normal?

Hi I'm one week post breast augmentation  surgery and this morning I saw blood the size of what a sweat mark stain would look like.The... READ MORE

Scared... Bleeding Incision 1+ Week Post-op? (photo)

I'm scared, but don't want to bother my PS on the weekend. I had a circumareola lift 1 week and two days ago. Yesterday, I got myself in a bad... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Aug in my Left Breast & Breast Lift in Both Breasts on 9/24. Is my Right Crease Incision Infected? (photo)

I am 12 days post-op. I saw my PS on Day 8 because my steri-strip on the right crease incision had filled with blood and become crusty. He removed the... READ MORE

Blood in Urine 3 Weeks After Augmentation Surgery?

Augmentation 3.5 weeks ago. Noticed blood in urine about a week ago, along with occasional flu like symptoms that went away after about 3 days.... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Lift/augmentation on Sep. 10th 2013?

On the 16th a bit of redish blood looking liquid came out from under the tape covering. Its a min. amount... a drop hear & there. Is this normal? READ MORE

Hematoma after breast augmentation: normal to have size difference after?

I had my breast augmentation a week ago and had to go to the operating room to drain a lot of blood two days after my surgery, due to hematoma on my... READ MORE

Can an ultrasound or a CT scan detect blood around an implant? Or detect capsular contracture? (photo)

I would like to know somehow if there is blood around my implant and if I have a lot of blood left after having internal bleeding. I was told by my... READ MORE

My UTI keeps coming back positive, Can I get my Breast Augmentation done if I have blood in my urine?

My blood work came back fine. It's just my UTI results keep coming back positive. I've been on antibiotics. First for 3days then for 10days. I went... READ MORE

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