Bloating + Breast Augmentation

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Is It Normal to Feel a Bloated in Stomach After Breast Aug?

Been feeling bloated in my stomach since surgery. I'm 3 days post op. Still pretty swollen up top like normal. Actually wouldn't feel that bad... READ MORE

Is Bloating After Breast Augmentation Normal?

I am 8 days post op, and feel as though I have gained A LOT of weight. My lower abdomen is really tight and hard, and I have lower back pain also. My... READ MORE

Bloating After Breast Augmentation

I had a breast augmentation on 9/24 (3weeks ago) and I am still VERY bloated, I look pregnant and feel very uncomfortable. What can I do to aliviate... READ MORE

Abdominal Bloating After Breast ?

My belly is incredibly bloated. I look like i'm five months pregnant. Wasn't like this before my breast augmentation. I can't even suck my belly in.... READ MORE

How Long Do You Normally Have the "Bloating" Feeling After Breast Augmentation?

I am 9 days post op and I still feel very bloated. My belly looks bigger to me.. Just wanted to know how long does this bloating feeling last. READ MORE

Is it Normal To Retain A Lot of Water After BA AND BL?

I have noticed since my surgery yesterday I have drinking lots of water and juices my stomach now seems very bloated so much I look pregnant is this... READ MORE

How Long After a Breast Augmentation Until Weight Gain Subsides?

I am 8 weeks post op, and have gained roughly 9lbs.. I had an uplift and implant.. My body doesn't feel the same from getting them, I feel puffy... READ MORE

What should be used for bloating/constipation after BA surgery?

I have noticed that many women have extremely horrible bloating and constipation after their breast augmentation. What medicine or over the counter... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Be Extremely Uncomfortable And Bloating a Few Hours After BA?

I had my breast augmentation this morning. I've been in alot of pain all day. my stomach is extremely bloated and I can hear and feel gas bubbles. is... READ MORE

After my Breast Augmentation Surgery I Have Been Chronically Bloated. Could This Be an Adrenal Issue?

I have multiple food intolerances and it seems to have gotten worse since surgery. Any suggestions as to the reasons of this now persistant bloating?... READ MORE

Bloated Belly 1 Year After Breast Augmentation?

I had my boobs done june 2012 and i have still got a bloated belly. my diet has not changed so it cant be down to food. anyone know what it could be ? READ MORE

Feeling bloated after Breast Augmentation, is this normal? (photo)

Hi! I'm 36 yo, 5'5 in height and 105lbs. I just had my breast augmentation, transaxillary inciscion 350cc both sides. I have no complain about my... READ MORE

Feeling bloated 3 weeks post BA. Is it normal?

Is it normal to still feel bloated 3 weeks post BA??? I am taking magnesium milk which really helps, but still feel like it's not my body kind of deal... READ MORE

Is it okay to take my spinning class 2 or 3 weeks after my Breast Augmentation?

I'm a cycling instructor and miss my classes. I'm only 2 weeks post surgery. I'm very bloated and need to reduce all the excess water in my body. And... READ MORE

What can I take after a BA to stop me from getting bloated?

Is there anyway to keep from getting bloated after a BA? I got this Triple Fiber and I was wondering if that would prevent that? READ MORE

When Can I Get out of Zip Ups? (photo)

I am so ready to wear a normal bra one of my zip ups i ordered was to tight is that bad or good it gave support and why am i so bloated before i wasnt... READ MORE

Is bloating common after breast augmentation and lift? If so when to expect it to go down?

I had a breast augmentation and lift on Friday 1/16/15 and I have been extremely bloated. My last bowel movement was Thursday, I fasted Friday, and... READ MORE

How long will my bloating last?

I've finally done my BA on Feb 10 and I've stopped taking my pain meds on Feb 16 because I was very bloated in my tummy area and felt uncomfortable.... READ MORE

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