Blister + Breast Augmentation

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Dark Breast Marks from Augmentation Dressing Tape

I got blisters most likely from the dressing tape after breast augmentation. I was wondering, will they ever go away or will they leave me scarred for... READ MORE

Blisters on Nipples 3 Months After Double Mammoplasty/augmentation? (photo)

18 yrs old, dbl mammoplasty/augmen 03/10/12, 1st six weeks continuing infestions, then diagnosed with MRSA staph infection, on meds for that 10 days,... READ MORE

Blisters on Scar Site?

I had top surgery about 2 months ago. The healing process was going ok, but about 3 weeks ago I got blisters on both areolas and on my scars. I went... READ MORE

Any advice on blisters caused by surgical tape post Breast Augmentation? (photos)

So as it is I have extremely sensitive skin. I had a lift with implants done 2 weeks ago and after surgery I noticed blisters where the surgical tape... READ MORE

Blood Blisters from Surgical Tape Have Now Left Raw White and Red Patches

I am 2 1/2 week post op after replacement of saline implants. Surgical tape has caused large blood blister on chest. They have not popped and I am... READ MORE

Blisters Around Nipple After Augmentation Normal?

Two weeks out of surgery. Under crease incision, but developed blisters around tape, they are healing. But now my nipples are sore and look like they... READ MORE

Possible Breast Infection, How Do I Know?

I had a breast lift along with implant surgery about 2 weeks ago.Yesterday while at work I kept noticing this weird smell.Once I came home I took a... READ MORE

Tiny Hole and a Blister? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 5 weeks ago. Now I have a tiny hole and a blister. I put bacitracin on it and the blister turned white. Should I be... READ MORE

Thoughts on my Tissue Integrity Following a Full Anchor Lift with 350 Augmentation 12 Days Ago? (photo)

Thoughts on my tissue integrity following a full anchor lift with 350 augmentation 12 days ago? I'm terribly worried about the black tissue that... READ MORE

VERY Mild Double Bubble- Having Bad Reactions to Taping, Other Options?

My surgery was May 25th, 2013- so I'm 4 weeks post op. I have VERY mild double bubble on one breast, and my PS had me taping the breast to treat it.... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Aug in my Left Breast & Breast Lift in Both Breasts on 9/24. Is my Right Crease Incision Infected? (photo)

I am 12 days post-op. I saw my PS on Day 8 because my steri-strip on the right crease incision had filled with blood and become crusty. He removed the... READ MORE

5 Days Post Op, Normal?

My areolas look blistered (shiny and puffy) and still very square shaped at 5 days post op from lift and implants. Is this normal? READ MORE

I have itching & water blisters along the edges of the Tegaderm applied after surgery. How can I prevent/treat blisters? (Photo)

These water blisters are very itchy and once they pop, they somewhat scab over. Funny thing is they are only along the edges of the Tegaderm and... READ MORE

Blisters form after breast surgery.

When blisters form after surgery is it better to change the dressing more often or less? READ MORE

I am 6 days post op and I have a blister like thing on my nipple (it was under the tape). What is it?

I have a blister like thing on my nipple and it was under the tape it doesn't hurt but what is it? Also I'm six days post op still having pain is that... READ MORE

Post breasts augmentation (silicone implant) I have blood blisters. Will they heal themselves? Scar? (photos)

I had surgery 2 weeks ago. The day after my silicone breast implant surgery my doctor said I had a blood blister. I have two of them both dark in... READ MORE

Should I be worried?

I had breast enlargment surgery done this may 2013 and ended up going back into surgery because my incition was to thin the doc said so I had it fixed... READ MORE

5 days post op of Breast Augmentation, I noticed a blister forming on the top of my left nipple. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a breast lift and 450cc saline implants inserted over the muscle five days ago to correct a moderate tubular breast deformity and add volume.... READ MORE

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