Bleeding + Breast Augmentation

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5 Weeks Post-Op Breast Surgery Have Infection with Bleeding and Puss. Surgeon not Concerned, Should I Be?

5 weeks post op a small puss dot about the size of the end of your baby finger appeared. Within one week, it was an inch squared. 7 weeks post op and... READ MORE

Hematoma After Breast Lift- 13th Day Sudden Bleeding, Pain and Swelling. Should I Worry?

I had 1st an allergic reaction to bandages. Thought this would be all, but no. Now I am having a small hematoma - that is what I was told. I was... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Breast Augmentation, a Lot of Blood Leaking from Incision Site, Should I be Worried?

I'm 2 weeks post op. Dark blood's been coming out of my incision site on right breast since yesterday. My PS's nurse told me it's just... READ MORE

4 Months Post Op. Breast Implant Incision Suddenly Opened, What's Going On?

4+ months post op. Within the past few days, all of the sudden, my left breast started hurting. Redness, and a darker brown spot on the incision line... READ MORE

Would Breast Augmentation Be Worth It if I Just Want a More Natural, Less Tuberous Shape to my Breasts?

I'm 20 and I believe I have tuberous breasts, I don't want huge breasts, just less conical and more filled out at the base. I also have Von... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Insicion Site Sore and Bleeding

I am almost 3 months post op. 520CC, Anatomical, unders, periareolar incision. Everything seemed to be healing up fine, but about a week ago both... READ MORE

Bleeding at Incision Site After Breast Augmentation. Almost 2 Weeks Post Op., Normal? (photo)

I am 12 days post op breast augmentation. On the first day my right breast was bleeding from the incision site. The nurse said this was normal. The... READ MORE

Hematoma Day of Breast Augmentation, 2 Blood Vessels Bleeding, Why Would this Happen?

9 hours after my breast aug. my left breast start leaking blood. It stopped on my way to my doctors and by the time they put me back into surgery it... READ MORE

Pus and Blood 6 Months Post Augmentation and Anchor Lift? (photo)

I'm 6 months post breast augmentation and a anchor lift. One day I woke up with a sharp pain on one of my breast. I really didn't think anything of it... READ MORE

Breast Implants in Someone with Von Willebrands?

I’m 20 years old & want to get breast implants. I am about an AA now and want to be a full B. I have Von Willebrands type I. I have 2... READ MORE

Incision Bleeding Under Breast - 4 Weeks Post Op - Stitches Taken out 7 Days Ago? (photo)

Hi I am freaking out a bit.....My incision started bleeding a bit...I removed the bandage.... Then I saw a red swelling at the incision... I am 4... READ MORE

Bleeding Nipples After Uplift, 2 Weeks Post-op Lollipop Mastopexy? (photo)

I am 2 weeks lollipop mastopexy post-op and am bleeding dark blood from under my nipples. The right side has been bleeding daily for a week, a round... READ MORE

Can Occasional Gum Bleeding Due to Flossing Cause/increase the Risk for Capsular Contracture After Breast Augmentation?

Can occasional gum bleeding due to flossing cause/increase the risk for capsular contracture after a breast augmentation?. READ MORE

Whats Wrong with my Breast Aug? (photo)

I am 7 months post op correcting my different size breasts. I received 550cc and 620cc implants. 3 weeks post op my right incision burst open and... READ MORE

My Incision is Spot Bleeding After Breast Implant? (photo)

Hi I'm not sure if its normal Or not but since day 2 im now 4 days post op iv been spot bleeding here and there nothing major and only from my left... READ MORE

Are Submuscular or Subglandular Implants Better with Bleeding Disorders?

Am very active, and have VWD (low factor VIII and VWB factors.) PS feels have ample tissue to cover implant (34C/D), plus why cut into the muscle and... READ MORE

Infection and Removal. Should I Have Another Breast Augmentation?

I had a BA 8 months ago, after a month my right breast became very swollen, i had two lots of antibiotics which did not help so the implants were... READ MORE

Incision Bleeding... What Can I Do?

I had breast augmentation with 300cc silicone gel implants on 8/30 under the muscle. I'm a chef so I took a week off (9 days to recover including... READ MORE

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