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1 Day PO- Does A Black Nipple Mean Necrosis Following Mastopexy/Augmentation?

I just had a breast mastopexy and augmentation yesterday. Today I notice that the left nipple turned black but the areola is still pinkish. My doctor... READ MORE

Is my Nipple Tissue Dying After my Breast Lift /silicone Implants? (photo)

Im 19 and I had an anchor lift and silicone plants on Tuesday ( it is now the following Monday) The day after surgery they looked good but then... READ MORE

Is my Nipple Okay? (photo)

Breast lift and aug 7 days ago. I am concerned about the outer edge of my nipple. I realize much of the purple is bruising but some is taking on a... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Lift and Implant Done 13 Days Ago. My Left Breast is Turning Black and Hard Scab Around It? (photo)

The right breast is looking really good and normal. Im very concerned what is going on with my left nipple! I took a shower and on top of the nipple a... READ MORE

I Have an a Yellowish Fluid Coming out of my Nipple and It Smells, the Doctor Says Its Ok?

I went to my doctor because of a fluid and odor from my breast. My nipples are also turning black. He said it was normal. I then went to my gyn doctor... READ MORE

What is Making the Tissue on my Right Breast Turn Black? (photo)

I recently had a breast augmentation and made a large jump from 300ccs to 875ccs. Two weeks after my surgery I developed a discolored area underneath... READ MORE

What Caused the Left Sub-muscular Implant to Turn Black and What Caused the Infection? (photo)

Had bilateral breast augmentation on May 14. Left side started out with a hematoma, which lead to a seroma, which lead to the sutures being busted... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Scar Opened and Turned Black 8 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 8 weeks ago. Today I noticed the left suture line has blackened and opened in spots with puss. Right seems ok, a little... READ MORE

Peri-Areolar or Inframmary Incision for African American Patients?

I spoke to my PS about this, and he said he recommends the periareolar for black patients. I'm not comfortable with that, so he said he coulld do the... READ MORE

my wife underwent mastectomy right breast, the skin turned black around incision site and is not healing

Tried hyperbaric therapy did not work. underwent second surgery to remove necrotic tissue skin starting to turn black again around incision site... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about my nipple color and appearance after breast lift with implants? (Photo)

8 days post op after a lift with implants. All seems well but my nipples are purple, almost black and look flat ., really odd. I am freaking out.... READ MORE

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