Birth Control + Breast Augmentation

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Stop Taking Birth Control for Breast Augmentation?

Should people stop taking Birth Control if they are going to get a breast augmentation? READ MORE

IUD and Breast Augmentation?

Hi i have the copper IUD *paragard* and dermal anchor piercings *G23 titanium* and i wanted to know if both need to be removed prior to surgery. Ive... READ MORE

Birth Control Before Breast Augmentation?

I was advised to stop taking my birth control 3 weeks prior to my BA and to continue staying off the pill for 2 weeks after. I am currently 8 days... READ MORE

Stopping birth control before surgery for breast lift and implants (6 plus hours)?

My doctor said to stop birth control 2 weeka before surgery but that my hypothyroidism medicine was alright. They are both hormones and every time I... READ MORE

Im a Teenager, is Plastic Surgery Okay? Breasts/Areola Issue.

Im almost 15 and i hate my boobs. i have areolas that are large but like the size of a half dollar coin.. When im older i want to get areola reduction... READ MORE

Can I take Plan B (levonorgestrel) 4 days before breast augmentation surgery?

I was told to get off birth control before surgery and my boyfriend and I had an accident this weekend, so I took Plan B. I have breast augmentation... READ MORE

Can I Take my Zoloft and Birth Control Pills? Im 13 Days Post Operation?

Breast Augmentation. When can I go back to zoloft for anxiety n birth medication so I can undercover workouts READ MORE

Are my breasts tuberous or just under developed? (photos)

I'm a 21 year old female who began menses at 10 years old. I began smoking that same year followed by substance abuse and an eating disorder. I am... READ MORE

Safe Breast Job With Implanon On During Surgery?

Hello, i am 21 and getting a breast augmentation in a month, i have had the implanon in for a year so far, is it safe to leave it in during surgery? i... READ MORE

Should I Stop Birth Control Pills Before Breast Surgery?

I just started birth control pills. I have very small and droppy breasts from breastfeeding. I noticed my breasts have become slightly larger and... READ MORE

Birth Control After Breast Augmentation?

What kind of contraceptive pills can I take after breast augmentation? I have silicone implants 3 years already. Cos if in the pharmacy they say that... READ MORE

2 months post op Breast Augmentation. I feel like my hormone levels have changed. Can surgery cause changes in hormones?

I am experiencing the same sort of symptoms I did while breast feeding. Oily hair, acne and body odor. I am taking a mini pull for birth control and... READ MORE

I recently turned 18 & my breasts are a cup size different. Would my breast still be growing or should I consult with a surgeon?

I'm 18 I know that's about the time when breasts stop growing. I started my period around the time I was about 11 and I have only grown height wise a... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Really Messed Up?

My breasts were perfectly normal, then when i started my period my mom put me on birthcontrol (i was not sexually active) and i started with the patch... READ MORE

Can/Does birth control increase chances of capsular contraction in breast augmentation patients?

I recently started birth control and have had a breast augmentation planned for sometime. I am wondering if capsular contraction or other... READ MORE

Can getting estrogen naturally from food increase breast size and/or decrease hirsutism in women?

I have just started birth control, which I believe is low on hormones -Microgestin Fe 1/20 I think however, due to hirsutism, that maybe my estrogen... READ MORE

Whats the best route to go for acheiving natural full breasts? (Photo)

Before birth control I had grest confidence full 32 d boobs that were seemingly perkier then most. I got asked often where I got my boobs done at and... READ MORE

How soon prior to surgery should I take my IUD out?

I currently have an Iud birth control and I really don't want to take it out because I don't want to get pregnan. But I know you should discontinue... READ MORE

What procedures would be needed to fix my asymmetry problem? (photos)

My age is 21. I Started off with minor asymmetry went on birth control left breast grew right did not. Thought it would go away after ending birth... READ MORE

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